Wednesday, January 5, 2011


endocrónico he ,un lapso ,triticar
la lupa carnosa de la piel que
visto .vista la cacanómica lo in
nombrado o sangre )“camisa inversa”(
que sobre el verso sacado versa
,gusanito del sobaco ,reloj bucal
que saboreo pintilenguado y me
escupo el traje podrido ,pe
tate que anda por mi lomo o aire

Political Exhaust

spatial ants taxon surrogate
clearing pattern abundance ant clearing
.spiked ,clearing ,a priori ,pair-wise
.clearing age trap abundance fenceline
)flush pits( diurnal water rol
ling ,eye-shine clearing intact with
assemblage of the pattern time your
)clearing( complex identified and
increasing your re-growing response ,extinction

Found in J. M. Bennett's "Ants as indicators of vertebrate fauna at a local scale...",
Biodiverse Conserve, 2009, 18:3407-3419

Les Yeux

(o o)
ton beau
eau de flamme
mes jambes flatulents

fenêtre clos


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