Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rung Up

the shaded mamatlatlli )ladder ,wet(
crusting up the green wall crumbled
face my lips I licked like blood
blooming in my facial sink your fla
pping comb clatters in the caxiltli
)bowl ,well( I fingered sticky dust in
my ear ,wrung my gate soaked in cloud

Gummy Suit

nostril damage and my plunging neth
er legions from that itchy itchy
ghosty cueva full of directions an in
yollotlli centro teixneloliztl )caca
caótica( rained my mask to know its
T )foggy ,throat( my eeth dragged
up my arm the window opens


churro ,sordo ,solo limado me
puse la gorra de lomo consanguíneo
y respiré la luz de la calle a oscuras
un tropiezo de hamburguesa ,de hule
circular ,de chorros de arena de la
cama del cielo .donde mi sueño
sueña sin calcetín y sin la rodilla
que me rueda escalera abajo don
de un lago escribe y humea


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