Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Boiler Lit

plodder an litter an gummer
an eater an folder an
inker an luber an slumber
an gasher an heater an
clotter an quitter an inner
an foister an gutter an
dripper an shiner an limner
an dogger an slabber an
cuter an cuker an clocker
an enter an flopper an
suiter an shitr an sober
an boiler an number an


utter the sandwich hell your
simplex talks ,mutter the
soap wrinkle ,page of thu
mbing ,slot cash ,sorted
business rolling cross my
lawn nor hole .issue the
fracas gun ,or .paws an
wrists simpered at the sp
lintered door the shovel
eye falling from my face
ah that’s sum dust all night

Pool Gnats

,pool use ,bang use ,bag
use ,glob use ,ten use
,fill use ,nub use ,dink
use ,blang use ,file use
,chew use, lang use ,neck
use ,spire use ,less use
,mount use ,clue use ,stung
use ,lung use ,bolt use
,stink use ,flood use ,dog
use ,door use ,blunder use
,pile use ,socks use ,hand
use ,mold use ,gnat use

Dead Clam

drank a toe s lumber p
late r at s teaming a
gain the shoot shot
.hot laminor ,my buzz
le matter m elting f
or ,walloped ,aged an
open .“where” .issue
off the stinger leaf or
what’s it’s called .nor
socked my slobber at
the bank and fading gate

Rapt Rot

my boiled shoe my plunder
gate rolled a head fries
deeper than my “skull” fou
ntain slake twister in the
caulking hole my oil flew
in my slumbered bread my
change of size gassed or loc
ked .busty pencils ,stroll a
pore dock ,cake right thro
ugh and plate a sea t
remor o the age of fog an
,loot cuddled in my p age

Monday, June 29, 2009



soon ,or soon

nut the shape

clas t p hung
“my” after

signage a

buzzing head

o toomb hall
o sint pat

surely drizzled

the painted wall

blat sur heft
sob glory

cousins to dirt

uh short hike


fog mutt ,spotty wall where
my letrero simpers in the
fascia cloud collided where
that crow shits there ,luminoso
,folded with aaa tripled
eye what sees a what .roo
m an b ark ,lock stink ,mo
ck rattle cornered in the
gloom the floor a single tur
d n divino ,blow the r
oof and count the sky

Drive r

I bit I peeled I doubled back an
tripled what ,borderlined ,straw or
legs shimmer across the field a
crow flying like a leaf in wind my
mask wings off my inhalation
of yr grumbling throat a scissor
shifter ,crawling sleet or sleep
,o pounded meat !lurking in the dus
ty pantry a skin I lost ,clo
ty like my membrance thumb my
toolless faulting where the car
has stopped

Forest Reflections

the bubbled corn doggy style my
yellow pool rises in your shorts
ay dot comb sailing on the
roof .ointment ,gasoline slee
ping in my tub .bury the phone
in a hole of water ,beneath yo
ur chair my misty sweat will
shoulder you my puddled shoes
my double howling monkeys
crashing through the trees I
see my mask my pants are dropped

St St St

the sprayed corrective ,nozzle
hoarder ,butter an ash the
limper dawn encroaches lack
my slumbered shirt all rained
.it’s rumbolicious bright wet
crawling ,clever the same an
issued froth a bombing poo
l .coldcuts layered on my ton
que I buttoned off I ,slid
,brayed ,flayered the flag
of my coughing snore my
uttered hash and whimper

Friday, June 26, 2009

Templo Menor

snore I dropped plaque I
dropped the nung I dro
pped the spat I dropped
your storming faucet ,crys
talized an ,outlet leaking
,dropped the dormer ,place of
dropped ,outer shanks gou
ted in the sewer dropped my
lasting key my foil drop
ped my dog dropped my
feather took to flame and
dropped my ladder down the
steps my head hung there
,dropped and rolled

Lizard Tales

blots an nuts ,toasty-bike ,bre
ak the slapper faucet’s at yr
head nick the empty V from
hat to nose see the street
pour there .ik ik .braise the
shorts an crow away ,sudden
click c ashed the clod or
cloud rising from my feet my
U burned back my Glot
tal swamp drinks the rain the
cave the shiny rocks and
whipping tails

Templo Menor

snore I dropped plaque I
dropped the nung I dro
pped the spat I dropped
your storming faucet ,crys
talized an ,outlet leaking
,dropped the dormer ,place of
dropped ,outer shanks gou
ted in the sewer dropped my
lasting key my foil drop
ped my dog dropped my
feather took to flame and
dropped my ladder down the
steps my head hung there
,dropped and rolled


the itchy shoulder the number
frog the toiler flushed the
tumbled hand the foliated eye
the cascaded thigh the sharper
gas the smouldered shirt the
lost sphincter the clawed runt
the broke dung the shoe
hair the stalled blink the
inky ladder the shuttered fly
the thermal wallet the clouded


dug blot form
lefted one

mope an dry
chew heel

seda learnt

yr chap clock

saw finger

nada nor cute

best to linger
lapper boat

numb storm
hung the clot

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Old Soak

oil and lumber ,something t
urning ,my sagged slab face
hushing through the minute’s
spoken grit hisses in my
shoe where I was stan
ding in it sticky ,thun
dered ,silent like a br
ick layered on a brick
o soga de polvo inflada
como mi ojo indistinto bu
ild me a grease collapse a
flavored rain ,a sight of
soup falling through the trees


.droop .met .meant .spore .sog
.clam .dink .chudder .slag .slop
.sot .do .spraddle .cloud .droll
.or .drool .whizzle .dunk .mute
.bomb .sum .mound .dank .short
.loot .blew .nots .crank .slaw
.sumba .dot .meddle .snore .butt
.fortress .cover .sank .less .did
.miss .the .face .quiver .hosed


teeter and oughta spend I ough
ta gag an truck your sizzler
stunned group pizzle ,kinder
sudden ,napping next the fridge
,a boomboom a ,peldaño sordid
with my ruff an hand .is sue
.kno ck .cla p .bust le gla
ndish snoozing .forz cham
er sham bles my nick gleams
:ist that’s wha sandles off my face

Save Your Spoons

said the neck stalled outside the
soup what ,fender crashing on
the door my swallowed towel
.I didn’t open the fridge nor
even thought ,apt to ,summer
rot ,flashing vertebrae under
the flaming table the ants
flee the drenching books an
I ,uh ,bilious ,flaking ,sto
ny shoes crashing on my head
.the age of nodding age of
shitting on my hat floating in the bowl

Slot Ham

duck slot top slot om slot tool
slot apt slot nut slot force slot
chew slot dog slot bore slot ash
slot mote slot pyre slot boy slot
mind slot how slot run slot runt
slot tore slot meat slow dowel slot
map slot itch slot hum slot peel
slot org slot mould slot clot slot
dual slot slime slot sore slot tense
slot bill slot knack slot huh slot

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


dream the bush fragmented steam
the fryer slumping in my clos
et that’s a hissing eel napper
.trust you to ,fester ,top the
flusher tank and get my clippers
watch the fragments in the mir
ror so live and floody ,the b
urning page is dripping .chaque
cha’ac glazes from )his?( folded
eyes and lobs the soaking doubt
into your book your pocket b
rims with rain


the song block tensile length of
stripping off my blinking skin I
thaw you there and here’s the
thumb ,thumping on an eye
.your sleet sleep your pole
severed in the mattress fulla
dust and ants oh just a
rise and scrumble toward
the floor the steps the
itching window where the
storm throat inflates

Dry Sight

feet in soup my toiler flushed my
lung balked face gristled in your
wallet where your ants ,my towel
,grunting in the night ,the bushes
creep beside the door the rain was
loud .my meat loop spoils ,hang an
crushed my whistled place an
pants dripping in the light your
deeper floor my stained c
cloud or headache floating
on a neck my view is dried

Setting Out

bull the ,ahm knot I ham unh
dress to fill the shirt leak
,bend tonnage ,tied it in the
suit )the soup an soap( clod be
fore the mirror what sample
drip was that you .the room the
empty smoke the slack knife
dries in laundry heaving list
and leaves and falls and
looks for light beneath the gravel
Tongued The

the fire ham the neck shoot the
dress pill the lube fan the tore
pen the dart meat the lab drip
the gosh bum the lamp turd the
shut flag the damp pretzel the too
mute the dog sag the pile reek
the under thought the bile fuel the
map leak the dim bowl the said
glop the cute flood the nod tongued


flick the sugar in your ear
time the sugar in your wall
change the sugar in your gun
mine the sugar in your ham
fold the sugar in your gums
name the sugar in your wallet
pile the sugar in your tomb

Tentar o Comer

eat the star in your culo
eat the stopper in your door
eat the cancer in your thumb
eat the stumbling in your closet
eat the ladder in your trunk
eat the shirt in your pocket
eat the dime in your falling sand


shake the toilet in your cave
dim the fungus in your cave
slip the faucet in your cave
chew the shoelace in your cave
blame the shunt in your cave
ape the window in your cave
bomb the ashes in your cave

Friday, June 19, 2009


change the foam chain in your tuna
salad change the club .night or tic
king in your pillow and I see your
foot am I .bested by the coffin
blazing on my driveway where I
put my head .your sleeve flying
like a branch my lesser comb name
greased with blood like was your
feet .swam home the blame loom
)charred pallet where your wallet sleeps(

All Those Things
- “His nuts on his neck”, Al Ackerman

the gut lock the soak tomb the
lump crimp the sweat pile the ton
gas the nod loop the blister hum
the butt clock the lobe sink the
slam luck the ten blinks the tool
choke the spread heel the slob clam
the neck nuts the tres lúmenes the
bank dandruff the mud tape the sneer
beet the dancing tooth the flat face
the drumming mute the spinning bean the
crotched pistol the gate gnat the shitty
chin the fake arm the blown pool

Funny Guy

the lunch dancer spread its grin and
cluttered up the wall the wall your
flood runs down its apt to all to
mists and toothpaste form doors pal
pitate your floppy one inhales oh
simper in the basement and release the
gas .the tongue days inhale ,float my
trampled grime no indication of the ape
.the gaping salad I dropped my face in

Gas Pole

sheeted in the croak machine torn
a leg blister clouded ham your th
ought baroom spattered on the
fore smat third crystal ,broke the
green form and eggs .spotted what
I ate ,that slurry thing ,booster
seat born too fast I clept into a
cage I freed the gas in there
hand lobe ,tussled drip ,dug the
loop beneath my heel .my shovel
speed and slept

Thursday, June 18, 2009


spin spin
nut hole


the rent cloud

sword of chewed

flap an slap

glummy one

s’mort s’ot
henh henh

su d

blit mute

fort an fry

as wuz
lotta dot

lotta lent

très seer
sere the

sear your

foot bloke

ding dang

craut my
,cab soak


udder loc
asian pool

some of it

bop basta
mat to

break or coff

in my
chi cheese

my see I what

o o nor or
ulcer can

an opening

fum blood
fan uh neck


trot the bread
tratar de con

Ape Gun

ape nor clot nor peel nor rut
nor runt nor heft nor sat nor
gash nor bill nor loop nor ice
nor loom nor lobe nor cancer nor
flock nor time nor lump nor piss
nor luck nor coin nor stank nor
pile nor float nor feet nor sleep
nor tomb nor mud nor lot nor
flick nor flic nor crash nor fake
nor brink nor broke nor thumb nor
loot nor hole nor mote nor gun

Caca Nada

ni caca ni coco ni lámpara ni foco ni
sopa ni sueño ni tumba ni trance
ni cristal ni senda ni susodicho ni él ni
tú ni submarino ni bota ni longaniza
ni ventana ni sorda ni calcetín ni tornillo ni
loco ni susto ni modo ni listo
ni tiene ni sarna ni flaco ni dolor ni
doble ni suéter ni soga ni chupa
ni fornido ni lago ni luego ni luna ni
triste ni fulminesco ni tula ni chopo
ni subido ni lodo ni luego ni nada ni

Sleep Groom

a yield of domes across the
street my ball lost there my
heavy flower boils beneath my
gaze my throat is coughing
,spoonless ,showered with sand ,a
knife a kite shimmers on the
wall where a window oughta be
an my stomach thunders .wave
on wave the trucks glow by
,gouts of light my peeled
comb tosses in the sheets

The Loaf

the tiny guest your sandwich
seized the mighty rest you
need )or think( what’s tumb
ling through my suit’s a
stony tongue a stroke of broke
timbers lumbered in my pants
.oh ouch oh ouch oh ,hop it
off ,your finny drizzle lubes
my fissure where the clot lungs
in ,towered and mumbled ,gri
nning in my lap an earless head


fatter clock ,mumblese ,rain your
sugar in my leak my boiler
neck grasping all the growling
armpits fumbled in the soup gnats
.pricey was ,and kippers ,my half
honking double spaced the tines
,ate off it ,crocked the slap trou
ser – ape’s a name – buzzy like
,yr focus stamen ,awful ladder
,strong nap I soot ,or lathered
lock stumbling ,named your streak of
toiling in the loop .lucked a locked
,and spotted up the sleeves


the gland fog nomination de tu
sorna ,pulmonesco ,throtty lec
turned the snotty places grinned
in rows of necks .fog age co
ming ,nights of open cans glug
glug an my nostrum nostril my
hand log glomination orinoso tu
zapato foco list inhaled
doubtless clotted in my faces

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


or I gut the maps an listed
you to shamble me that’s
guts the flap-sown driveway
where my hand hidden sleeps
.the loup of ,negck of ,dribp
of ,and or what .that shivered
red line my eye exudes
,crawling toward your arm what
thrips in bed ,my comb my
key my hot soaked stone
that flocks ahead and stobps

The Rodents

I used my knot an locus col
later the sulpher fog streams
against my window where I
bought a breath where I
tissued forth salami an a
lunging coat .the meated sky
my flavor ditch my fillup
coughs an farts the fielded
edge those tiny eyes gle
am through the weeds


slipping laughter ,green beans
dark with mold the fridge a
birthing bed ,or cage ex
halation trust my toilet
paper to find your suit so
aim to crook me off an shine
.rift my head my crusted
loot after all it’s .busted
game ,where the pages burn

Door Stone

so I stood before the heaving pile of
books I ,was what ?it was ,a
broken table and lightning bugs a
bove the weeds the long taste of
storms and louder ladders ,rake
my throat .the steaming heap the
thought in too heads at once ,a
nostril twin a slower face be
fore the fast the steps were
deep in mud .where my recol
lection dripped from the lintel

Monday, June 15, 2009


the neck luggage dropped be
hind my hair and I could
stunner see the ,sugar bur
ning in your eye ,flocked to
face the wreck bubbling in the
street the air was dots an
hummed .I strode to you I
clocked an bumped you felt
a furball in my pocket with
the crusted coins I “struggled
with locks” and gunning “knew
my name”


I floated off the cusp an nailed
I scrambled off the dime an used
I muttered off the wall an cried
I slathered off the pool an shipped
I clustered off the doubt an grinned
I meated off the cloud an dimmed
I gathered off the dogs an swam
I lumbered off the sink an blistered
I jacked off the couch an wheezed
I folded off the tank an geared
I sudden off the tomb an grew

To Do

my flag door filled with flame my
- “what’s known” – floppy an filed
.the written wrist I chewed you ,soak
,dust ,savon d’urine ,long map shre
dding in the wind .plusvalía y tus
cordones anunados sin esperanzas the
whitehot knobs bouncing down the
steps my single shoe brims with
,recuerdo de playa ,sal ,la bruma de
mi oreja derecha y la ola izquierdista
.my severed shoulder dropping on my list

Shut Up

days of stubble at my tongue these
where I ,could you shave at off ,wh
y blistered dimmed I me sandwich
chanchered with a paperclip was sorta
chewy and it squeaked .I dropped my
growling in your ashes coughed up dice
oh steam and lung ,your dewy leak
your shot towelling )my cheek frayed(
troubled with some gas and tiny
spiders your moving periods but

Friday, June 12, 2009


the tiny lago you contained the
dripping corndog in my hat the
cloud nozzle rolling through my
gate where ,news and noose
fry and fly ,uh clamor brinks
against my lob heart my sli
pping form my flat taste blin
ks or thumbs the rope ah
crawling gasoline ah sink numb
ered with an arm !dry your
belt for me and page the
written weather with a knife

Shred the Casement

days of hammer robbing so I’s
rolling in the tent the sheaves of
rust bouncing off the roof was that
I stopping not stopping ?the
drink flame I whistled watched
a vacuum fill the parking lot some
thing buzzing in my shoe I
walked away .the trouble gris
tle in my leg the sheet of glass
bends before my face a wind
whispers round its edge

Bread in the Basement

reach the dust your puzzle croaking in
the sandal full of mud your foot meal
sticky corn squandered on my flaccid
lip that smoked your name was you a
,pendulific ,doorknobbed ,floaty like a
gristle spat into the tub mi canto
thrown mi leche dribbled in yr
sobaco fragrant with a spoon .dunes
and nodules ,a greenish flame climbs
my basement walls my books down
there something foco or was tubered
?hostile thumbing at the sewage stack

Look up Look up

so I fell between the buckets full of
dirt and spiders frayed up at the sky
a crow was crawking past I felt the
crawling on my neck and chewed a
single leaf it was a pit a third a
stick flaming in the soup I forgot the
sandwich twists beneath the sink my
clacking head pried away the mildew
suit an empty hanger freezing in the
closet where your dripping hat disappeared
.sprayed up at the clouds shaped
like eyes or lunch or doubled some
thing )waffles and carburators( )rice
and teeth(

Thursday, June 11, 2009


bendy sorta

the stiffened towel

cute you say

et the plate




or lung

tongue loop

thud taste
my sctramble


an tout


ay meat


fumble an crown

see the grate
don one

sore mate

flung too
lunch street
case of

lave the dottle
sob the storm


fondle use
stun knack

or yes

that’s all
nut clod

better yet

it’s thorn

blow non

clung in the booth

it was sorta silly

fat none
dog dang


tube sneezed
my sock

a caw

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


clung to the porch in that big
wind and watched the spiders
fly what ash was left I
wallowed not never thinking
what was thought a wiggling
was and broke the legless
table where I slept and sought
found the hole flamed my
ear and drizzled in the dark
was that was “where” the
pencils strolled beneath the house


stops to knot and drivel where
he where I ,ept to shrivel
an me sinkhole guzzles ,slate
of pustules with the soup .proud
powder lamp retraction of for
gotten light what dries out
side’s just gravel .my shoe
ton my gash switch my
tolerancia fundida en los
refritos con que termino


so I flung the bubbled roll out
side the flooded basement “where”
my voice was cracked my
“your” or toilet salad pres
sed into a bagel .the rotting
rice your face retained a sp
eech that lost its lens or
muddy tooth that woke be
neath the mountain of your
truth that I was dry .dry
I washed the eggshells
shattered in my mouth


the busted arm you pistolized the
tumor sound you stammered what
my folded eyelid dropped into a
bucket thick with stones your soapy
wristwatch shatters on my wrist a
splintered stick reached into the
mud .“flies and time” oh hah an
haw dumbly gargled in your
letter .the age of thunder dries the
lip of focus turns and bites the wall


so i plowed my lander toward
the north and pistoled all the
hands the light was coming
up the ants were waiting in a
heap my couch cenote thinking
oh sinks above the trees the
faucets verdigrisy let out a
sigh my gripper suit scum my
fog born sandwich filled with
shells so crunchy raised before
my eyes my eyes were pools of flight

Monday, June 8, 2009


base of corn ,toweling and a
spitty beach the thunder leaves
,a cob bleached and vacuumed ,em
pty ,doubled like the air my
shoe brimmed with beetles or
was that my foot ,scratch it
off .in the museo asleep ,las
chácharas la grasa el pájaro mor
tal sin cabeza el lado de mi
número inumerable la chispa de
mi raíz beneath the trash


dung shadow ,lice lens ,cluster
steaming where my thumb juts out
,the crispy guns the ,epsom faults
drain my eye bristle the flaming
cage ,wobbles across the lake or
)“shades”( testive writhing in my
stunning hole I slept ,densely fat
tened bright as a corpse or
spore taste of the hinge to come
in that darker spot ,a tool ,my
swimming mote drops off my tongue

Haw Spark

try your cat dungeon land
my apallation at the
bunny pool your lighter
squeezed .my dunk log
ic is .teste .thumbax
.the muddy key you
chewed all day to
fallopian teeth )or
mildew( blustered in
the gassy hall where a
tiny flame


I jeered I fogged I
damped the lumper
in your tuna salad all
the gauges popped their
needles .fawed the
dingy crawlspace I
rehabit like a cuke
.iceoline yr liver half
ash raise the sandwich
to your ear


wait an file .buy a
thing .trunt mine
beagle .“upper long
soap measle” .it’s
a stew thinking ,it’s
uh .fortress miracle
.buncha sparrows in
the mailbox .seeping
gloating framing .kno
ck the clouds off you
)or shutter off your leg(

Friday, June 5, 2009


,butter ,pool ,glut ,nap
,shot ,drunk ,came ,too
,soak ,shoe ,match ,ton
,gate ,fuel ,heave ,so
,matte ,knock ,blood ,seem
,chat ,senk ,thot ,meal
,toiled ,sunk ,same ,felt
,creamed ,dot ,lack ,foam
,ding ,sole ,fog ,gun


gushing hamster or my
closet salad glinting in
your flashlight bombs or
toys blood pizzles gouts
of mayonnaise plop yr
specs or specks ,of
wedded after thought as I
raise my whirling fork
.dust and laundry piled
upon my bed


blasted tomb mnutty tape o
worm you cuddled ,shape
it’s .toot toast oh folding
sandwich in ,totters ,me
,torts an twats the ,as
piration in my saw dust
throat a dump a lock a
tune like eggplant almost
rotting in the fridge .s
lap me off hot clot why
.at’s duh namer one it
was the bloated lid what’s
what it hides that’s it all

5 Cent

choking back the , dents in
to yr smouldered nape and
.saw a too ,saw a ,finger
huddled ,blood necked ah
.enteritis or my laughter
musturd oh lang ice de.tail
foundered loudly at your
foot soup but .the mighty
mite that .cried cried cried
the nickel flooded with
your sight


I pushed the slobber off I
drained the rabbit in my
sleeve I crust the salty
hole you’re boiling in I
what I slid was ammunition
in a plastic bag a scun
fork boiled a lentil gig
gling in my shoe oh ha
bit of the axe temptation
eats and garbage swirling
in the bathtub where your
sprawling butt’s betrayed

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cloud Change

change the lap clucker change
the gripe thinner change the
tongue scanner change the half
screwer change the door breather
change the tub dribbler change
the cow smoulder change the
bug stroker change the clock
digestion change the sat forking
change the loud tuber change
the ding matter change the
stink wallet change the pee
sensation change the shoe clouder

Wind Hat

so busy ,nor was sleep nor
,blang tested cough seems
to ,age the finger ,glop
knuckle in your focus “stance”
luggish falling off the roof
pile of rubber .what spee
ded past the door I wet
my hat and single nickel
skims and sinks my eye tur
ned off and sand stings the
back of my head


entered the tome uh tomb the
sticky walls the lung bat hung
thin mice trembled in my
pockets with a dime a hair a
broken knife .my steaming
pile .gash the phones your
louder itch contains my
peed felt squishes on your
chair oh icecubes I re
membered ,crust in time
,plenty shadowed in my
armpit where the rain
begins a buzzing on the
horizonte tumbinfecto tu
mirada que no ve nada o la ve

El Cuervo

flee the face profusion knot
the incline clockage where
tu cara se infla regordita
recordeta o mis nalgas en
tu gorra “singular” that thi
ckness lay beneath my shirt
.spun an doubled ,pawed
an dried the swarm tried on
,what I plucked your hands
that screeched for me you
frayed inside my throat
you cawed for me


from crust to crust that lapper
gun floats your gloated gristle’s
just a tiny suit sinking in the
wind .nothing’s single just a thought
.my ear snakes scatter my
shifted clot pedals toward the
grinny plate clown I ashed
him to .“fraught” “with” lithium
grease gleaming on the chairs I
sat and bubbled ,chewed the
eyeball in my shorts

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thought Drainage

found and coughed ,tugged an
rinsed the slope duds off
it’s all a ,tube inaction
,flogging the flowered face
.core pincipiae ,rat her
tulip greasing through the
rows of columns that
foaming bowl’s what
stinks .so I crawling
through the mall er mal
the skin the petals drying
in the gutters where yr
“thought” spreads out

Lump Storage

the shelf nuggets in my lug
gage collapse the came out
side my lathered neck ,with
mower oil ,typeset where my
eyeballs crystalize the
bottom of the cup oh chew
it out yr bolus bouncing
cross the kitchen’s skated
gas where my lint faucet
blubbed and tinkled in the
night your lastname whistled
,out there the windy street

Time Circulation

the drool door slung back the
outer ear seized my cob
and rolled away a sticky trail
gleaming in my flashlight bream
I “fell” asleep .chewed some
dice oh knobless passage to
what whirled flooding in the
basement where the clocks
are spurting blood my
)key and stringy throat

Right There

the hash usher grins .the toast you
wipe yr ass with the gutters
bright with flame oh starry
night o tar and sight of brick
implosion stable me and lock
my throat please don’t .the
fog “doubling” .“trust” a toilet
and your steady... across the
parking lot they breckon me

Them Clots

loose jerk an dangler like a
fly sleeps and buzzes in my ear
I see the twitching hairs backwards
.the pillow smokes and writhes
my hairdo swirling in the
drain’s bright cash lamp the
closet floor the ashy noise
leaps into my shirt dottled
with my throat condition at’s
a boy ,just sluck it out

Monday, June 1, 2009

Lost Sock

slap on the nut and cracked
my soap mumbling past the
sink o lavabo sunk beneath
my bed I dream yr crusty
hole yr rusty backside
shudders in the dust .apes and
corn ,something waddles in
the basement where my fork
was cleft and ashy towels
crumble in the corners .age
of leakage ,it’s “only” air’s
what’s left


seeping an drying the basement
slaw damage clumpy lap my
indentation words silken and
rotting .the phase sugar craw
ling at the drain my eye
my lung my nostril ropes a
sauveur le néant ,a stluttering a
cuspidor a sodden box of books
what’s open to the smoke
and speeding night sky

Cold Hat

bap an slab ,occulate ,the
hammered flight I issued
froth yr tonnage grunt a
mile an sash ,cluckive
,nlumbered ,dobbled whatta
smashwich shuttered in my
shirt your lobes .the doc’s
a gnat a fistive vision a
tuber or tumor ,icy in the head

Fell In the Tub

the whistled bush the nutty lamp the
crash coughing spinner above my
sardine plate it’s indication wheel
it’s throbbing pencil deep be
neath “my roots” ,huh ,stubby
one .the lashed beet’s red
air the muddy floor the
clotted explanation of my
fewer or fever .self an suck
oh chewer at the floating arm