Friday, November 30, 2012

no ma

n the cold meaty rain PO
se la looping gland shirt th
shirt e s tro king ntium
blinding in my )sh( oe
]the weaseled feather dung[
leaks inside my thigh
“mi caderonta” )manga
de riñón purulectivo( y y
o te descifraba el go
teo relentless ,reloj q
ue nunca se se ca
ña putrefactífica en el
río es ,tan cada ni
)una de mis manos ,mano(

Para Roberto Ncar

watt cho

eater tooth
slab mnorpth
my colorecto aspre
ader en el verso
)página o piel( la
forlsa reshapeless
)I was me ando in
the corner ┘(
roof an fog OP
YAP porcelina ,tun
dra ,swilling :yes
yr mitre daubed
the phone ! )the lung
cheon’s cor n(

“rot across the clock”

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

olvidito del pan

sweat turn
ddark hhole


olvidito final

los muertos hum
rooff wheel

olvidito de la lluvia

smothered in snot
mi nube ay

olvidito del norte

what will

olvidito fiscal

file shade
twirl )urine(

olvidito silbado

bile heaven
the blip sweat
con decoro


c.lustered ,nec.k oi.l , to
.wel s.woll a , p.ile . be
.aded :::f.og:::: my
,sh.roud can.cell.ation wh.ere I sw
.allowed tri.ed ,a para.g
raph ,mut.ed in. the he.alth in.s
urance ay yr los.t be.ckon
.s w.ell y.r fin.ger ,
is .)stea.ming .d.rain a( c.up s
.hadow ,the .rip.pled for.k my
.egg’s los.t i.n .ch.oked it d.
own ,s.lept th.rashing o.n a
r.aft sw.irling ro.und a b.end
pas.t t.he mou.ntain str.ewn
wit.h t.rash

El lucro, luz del monte mierda.
- Prof. E. X. Cusado

olvido of the maggots

rusher clodt ah Club TV
chanted in the attic where
the basement floods the
ashy lake opens at your
door incomitante un
continente .swerve to
,war combiled ,the crashing
clouds beneath my desk
your streaming knees your
fabled suit of slice ba
loney Lip Smack Me !
in town the frantic mud
the snore inside your cake
it’s shore mind turns
and “waves” )what
tissue gashed with
slime reflection )yr
plunging loot sticky and
legless ,shimmering with
fruit flies ∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙(( cock sonata...
- Sex Pistols

olvido de Lara

lumpy ,his name forgot ,dan
dled ashes on’s pate while
the others prate their hidden
lot gated with a smoky
door his silence blears
against the walking world’s
hot mud his mirror his
fleshly worm clogged
those thrashing hoses on
his path bedecked with
stopsigns ,ladders ,c
loud giggling of that
secret glass that blood
passed outside what
oval time did start a
swarm of gnats bedecked
his skull a separate
head rotting off’s
offending throne

“His madness was...sought...”
-Lord Byron, Lara, 1814

Saturday, November 24, 2012

olvido del tambo

el fango de años me ,conta
minación wursteña y en el
cielo mi sombra condensada
)l’ombre de nom( )silly really(
tosudo y tonsilectomigajado
)coughing( )sinks in “water” o es
¿ruorina?≈( en el lixo mis
manos tango y al lado de la
caminada duermo ,inintimist
o ¿cómo me llamo? a swarming
in the garbage can a night
of drying bees a )day inhabits(
and I was “eating lunch” I
)thought( ,el chorizo goteando
sangre≈ ,o agua≈ del pan o
,ventanas abejadas que
abro y abro

...que habla por la piedra.
- Neftalí Reyes

olvido del fin

chub hasher ,bones ‘n all ni
modo la estructura que “co
memos y echamos” con las
mi gas )thoughtless sea(
was coughing on the beach
or )breathed into you( scr
um plastic bottles styro ch
unks tam pon t ubes a
rub ber fli pflop mapa
mundi and my linty
face asleep behind “2
masks” in tlilli in tla
palli just fry ‘em up

...eating the end...
- JJohn M. BBennett

hora ciega

el pezón del sueño in
agotable error ur
ano en la luz del
paraguas nunca ví
las colmenas mudas
las brumas sin peso
ni dardos ,simposio ne
fasto la vulva es
pectral del mino
tauro bum bum mis
cuernos en la or
eja del tren dia
nesco paradero de
las montañas par
lanchines la leche
roja de los re
lojes del sal
)las hachas verdes
y antropófagas(

Un ronroneo escuchado en
“(el pezón de Diana)” de
Ivan Argüelles

Monday, November 19, 2012

olvido del fango

lovely stain la mancha cruda
camisa abierta como tumba
source of wind of clouded
breath the turds I reft be
hind a mattress fulla bro
ken watches and a listed in
ventario de cumbres y culos
rasca sin cielos the lake
drains away ≈ ..... )surely
drippless ,the plunging knot ,re
focussed in yr throat where
gnats congeal ,a longer
clod retained ,yr exhal
ations ,gristle fist ,wh
at said the ,never ,spat
the buttons out whined
in time ¡ ¡ ¡( crumbling
chain ,buried in the thou
sands years )or just
my eye ,defocussed on
your rising mud

...lodo...y tripas...
- José Eustacio Rivera

olvido olvidado

. bush . lunch . check . gristle
. plain ,growling the . ashpit
. leaf roof sore . bing . chafe
. sundered spit a . deck . pill
smear . shirtless fog . bin
time the . rot door blast
. bubble crap . torn . boot
. chewed the leaf . my ,floor
tomb . ambles root ,a bomb
. numbers in the . raw room
. where the drink tub .
. . . . . mist . peel .
. long water . was a
flood muzzle . mine . fu
lla light . where I . th
ink a . crust . sodden
under foot

- Anónimo

olvido del cadáver

tabled the loose storm the
sot cloud sought my sock res
tful bunching in my shoe oh
leafy pants twisting in the
breeze not yet .double singing
what .step .burned ?the chairs’
legs re versed the c lock wad
dles off nestled drink
fulfillment ,stunning ,itch ,fork
ditch brimmed .ay what
doggy cirrus impaled !my
tines bright with hair and
staples )what jammed the
zipper( where did this go?
seated on the stairs ,no
dding ,slow drool ,my na
ked feet smeared with blood

- Manuel Acuña

Thursday, November 15, 2012

olvido of the toilet

...)the plunger’s soapy...( distance
shroud my laughing bowl’s flyed
time your sugary swirl the
gate to sloping sky where my
twisty flag wipes ah webby
hole !))the cave’s breath
clouds(( )))spaghetti sinks((( and
a mountain rises past the
window ▀ ))))my shapeless bed((((
your overflow )))))“cuyes quiv
ering and darting in a corner”(((((
my whispering cheek y nado
al envés ))))))donde la tapa
se cae y(((((( encerrado en
el ahogo estoy ,limpio y
embadurnado con el pipián
del alba

...le bout commence.
- Charles Baudelaire

olvido mimo

tongue ,of shadow ,denk mirror ,th
ought table sc raw led ,uh thick
neck ,sieze or seethe ,cable
clashed against eh pole the
feeted wind th ,uds the ,win
dow ,or what i ,read ,a mine a
,needle ,stroked ,mended with
,a twisted spoon )or spoke of
gravel ,soup( the lung ,swallowed
glove ,blinks near the sought
air my mumbled bird stone
,brought my )aging pocket( so
ot )mumbled on the throne(
your wheezing dirt sleeves and
whistles ,sip ,your thin
meated blood ,slow l
y s ink ing in a

...trop sèche, la pluie...
- Paul Verlaine

olvido de la caída

haw thot spew that forking
corn lender hype spread a
way the tousled hat the
eye drained below ah greasy
brim fell into the blender
where my soup form foamed
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
spattered wall cloud impregnation
the shouldered water ,aim my
log scribbled toward the rap
ids spiraling past the window
high above ,the fog washed stone
the wandered stair the sw
arming lenses smeared like
passports or yr pocket
choclo with its sticky lint
~ ~ ~ spell the water sp
ell the diesel oil spell the
socks lost in all those su
itcases falling from the cliffs

...en la piedra, el aire estancado.
- Neftalí Reyes

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


..sot...lint....flame..... pees
towel the ))lake(( craw
miles into the throat a
]soap[ )))mud((( a licor
lit crowding the rakes
your where sheet or mus
cle rises toward the g
))))room(((( relents an
wins ,shards ccruncching
in botella
el olvido el lúmen la ca
calavera my sodden
)))))neck((((( “bravely


should shudder nap lens
coughing in my left lung the
lung left hillock clung
with lint and crawdads
where your tepid lake
crowded on my flabrication
froze it with an alphabet
of flies your whirring
tooth sizzles where my
tongue ought to be should
shoulder flat toss
the mayo off its shiny
turkey slice a sloshing
in the right pills and
dung folded in my
watered blanket where
your gnatty window snores


foam the clocker lint co
llapse the fly mus
cle draining ]]gate[[
louder than ,wristless
buzz where the ticking
lanyard’s strangling in
my T-sshirt ssweaty
like a ssteak a ssl
umber ssausaged in
the luminescence ssw
irling in your bathtub
where the songtines
forking in my veins
a lumpy one a
bloody rake

Monday, November 12, 2012


¿ne ck ¿dust ¿lip ¿ash
ham per me ate s the treet a
ir my stinging foot sp
ire ??less dim sheet less
???slime meal , pink the p
untos sus pensivos ????sh
it’s ,doorway in your sou
nd // c lack ,shover ,s
aw the frog puzzle’s f
?????loppy c hunks ,s k y
window ,the ,loss chained
,the d ,amp zipper the
??????)churning caminata
...............toward the leap / / /
●)●)●)potatos tumbling off the c/


my musc led b linker wow a
whirring in the ,mount war
,paw s to ,melt an moult
,saw the whopper in a lake
,the grease surf the eyes or
flotsam my ,crowded clod
brake the single gristle was
,plunder an powder my ,ticktick
,swerves ,dives ,lobs a c
racker toward the con ,frontat
ion of your liquid lipids scat
tered con densation I ,}}slept
behind the door that o o
pened once last year

Friday, November 9, 2012

olvido raining

eeN eel “rreeiinnoo” eentrréé ,s
iinn p iiees siinn loo iimpactanntee eel
)“eeseennciia” dee loos pulcrroos
zapatoos peerrdiidoos een la
coorriicanncha dee mii cuarrtoo dee(
baññoo iimpalpablee “shiimmeerriinng
wiith liight eerrs” y mee hablóó eel
lavaboo ,coonn unna leenngua dee
hulee y la rreesoonnannciia deel
cuboo dee cabeezas deeseechadas
doonndee la pueenntee eenn eel
deesiieerrtoo eenntrraba ╤ ....................
)my mask II woorree ,oo
oonnee ,nnameed acrrooss ,thee(
poost- deel annt- dee“iièèrree” la
coorroonna dee mii culoo ,nna)lgaas
diiseecadas quee beeséé een eel
altarr dee )humiitas ,deel humoonndoo
,y deel toos reetrrooactiivoo eenn mii
caja dee a.i.i.i..r.r.r.e.e.e.........................

...I was always...not...
- John M. Bennett

olvido del calor

sweater lung my fried dehousing
s ham “birther” incompacted o
my leg restriction !I ate your
each was your “howling” giggle
ha flopping beneath the Chair ,ay
my egg impaction !)“huevos”
sleeping on your ,facial re
construction or the fault of
earth )the hat half dries(
)my hot mask lint my( fogg
ed eyes stre)))))))))))aming in the~
clouds ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Piramidal, funesta...
- Juana Inés de Asbaje y Ramírez de Santillana

olvido des serpents de la langue

comme des serpents since
prop goat tongue leurs ex
créments fly-value c’est
muet some meat sense
écrit sur la porte dorbb
puzzle les enfants qui
hurlent churm onto woun
ded screef fabrics to
morrow on dit le numéro
)washing dishes( a réparé
l’oubli word-made solvent
devant le parking watering
trash avec des plantes
l’agitation des lettres bag
feral diet that ellipse
de la logique noisy strings
de l’école )la fenêtre souple(
behavioral ganste traj
ectories les insectes voir
les yeux window fiction
airplanes complex transnatio
le papier à letters chats
imprimés world system
presque nuit dream identity
de l’abattre semi-autibio
de la crever fish around
on réclame la mort all that
stuff lost letters les
haines anciennes cycle
streets force less words
décès mains combats
dialogue forgotten publique
prison bats regime basks
dans nos bouches obvious
signatures gros mots cor
ner malade static re
sists chaos c’est rester
dans le noir eye books
tides anarchists mutter
un seul système il est
temps rubber cigaret fact
d’aller poison opens dormir
un peu :guts ,bank ,les
molécules d’eau alpha
bets tombent spelling
le monument à distance
mail ,dit ,trop tard
la rue les rêves obvious

...rester dans la chair.
- John M. Bennett

from Jim Leftwich, Six Months Aint No Sentence,
Book 28, Roanoke, Virginia, 2012
Frédérique Guétat-Liviani, Prières de.,
Barjols, [France]: Éditions Plaine Page, 2012

sand mot

trance air soif étranchée the
stained river par le vide cor
ner ouverte à l’incendie un
decipherable hot smell of as
phalt jusqu’à aveugler la mer
summons smoke structure sa
rétention perfide reverse g
as book la codicille s’envole
sweating nodding les mots les
mots in the brain x-ray se
détacher de l’encre the cross
roads ruins dryer gasoline
le truc un nomadisme le non-é
crit in the aimless marble lab
yrinth mon fémur est assoiffé
inevitable situationism le radis
noir masturbation dans leur lan
gue axolotl l’air trône ro
lled back navels le vertige K
hum skull waters les os
sements meandering remnants tu
serais le premier mot

from Ivan Argüelles’ “soy yo el
hombre que desconozco” and others;
and Jacques Dupin, Coudrier, 2006.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vene Horloge

theme theat albe dans
ma mémoire continuum of
beastear vers d’autre plages
special cardboard a une
seule aile early variation
ioina au bord du monde
straight streak groans a
metallic lune blessée
lake lack lok l’ombre
est un morceau summeo
en chantant htleooooenaih
sur le méridien exqgimba!
un nid dans chaque main
no matter wha t you’re
doin tous le mois passé
a foam suffice the
fore sur le chemin
xumine to ads adieu
adieu une nouvelle
planète aggregates
constellate the drea
le primier jour les
mers ocean droop fig
clock brth a chaque
son des cloches papare
ant tha poe venoj
oiseaux de métal
nor nox no not note
knot ce feu de

From Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint no Sentence,
Book 31, 2012
Vicente Huidobro’s
Poemas árticos, 1918.

olvido de la casa de la maison

supper hurls sur la table
un abanico fluide no fork
left un oiseau muerto en
pleno vuelo like my eye or
leg la casa d’en face
white with blood
alguien pasea my hats
grow en el jardín ignoré
I never slept nor where
the humo se promène
brooms pour suivre el
camino you have to hay
que el faut recomenzar
spit in your pocket qui
a caché las llaves my
lip serviced finds just
tant de chose que no
pude encontrar

Se ha dormido...
- Vicente Huidobro

Friday, November 2, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012