Monday, February 26, 2018

champ de guerre

hawsers roiled in their nests
is a windy hose the rashes
in your pants BRICKS LURK
noon( your duffle eye in
flamed is the sea turns
its back explains the horse
nuts dreaming in your arms
a dream of a horse is the
dream of a melting window the
window a deafening fog sw
allows your museum of
hosiery and mortar

flat hull;;;
shadows on skin;;;

))lost yr feet yr socks float off((( ( ( ( (

lunch in the archive of
Ivan Argüelles' “Nocturne”

tomorrow he said

tall clalm a wristless throne
pop name a suture was
your ingle despistado
airline's mumble tine
floats off the handle
it's an itch pasado sí
transigente shaped as
legs dawdle and crumble
your call a
nombre en tu jugo

is finger fun screen
the at talked a c
loudless cl oud ape's
hit hidden in your
worm inexplosivo
cumbre de tu boom
me llega numbres
)nombre y sombras(
el futuro incaminante
con polvo rerefirmado


in the cornerless wind yr
aftercloud arrives im
agine bubbles e ee e ee e eee e e
::: plundent feathers ei
ther eaten or was gamete
spat along the landbridge
)circular coast( EARS
OoiovoliouuoliLIO waalks
awway with s ticks are
code bags mirrors your
hands ,Coatl que te
abre la mano de paz )ppasaje(

flood gristle
coughing the path

streaked with glare from
Jim Leftwich's “familiar lightning”

Thursday, February 22, 2018

the electrician's thick luggage

the blistered wires tre
mble in your wall a
blunch of inslulation slwallows
“cocks of gold” a sting
ray rises from the toilet was a
cloud of afterglue “said your
armpit fork” MEAT MEET
METE )half the voters clay(
if guns were voices ,tongues
burn in the switches I
aimed outside the fuse
buzzing target
mute and flaps

against a curb
blooming and snored
was dogs lay down
dreamed of children
dream of children is
leaves swirling on
steps a crowd
pushes talking and
yelling the wires the
dream of the wires is a
sunset snake coiling in
the east

))eyes sting your explanation((

The past is an extreme of breath
- Retorico Unentesi


trick ham grins grind and
grind some day the glassless
meat your fingered face
a stunned blond cloud
:figured yr foot at least
.hush the gnats are sleep
yr bricked hand mind ,of
grunt and hunch toward
exit )tixe( tu tijera
y la lluviaaa

el camino olido

lipid dust ,cambiante ,fac
il mas ,no sin no sí sin
si your cast of shoppers
flavored with gasoline
it's a nostril brain
)hot hog face( fried
to said a deeper shot
table dripulation chew
it off ice banging
on the door the bar

outer space
hair in ditch
your noisy ashhole br
eathes an itch your
faucet dreams la pared
de adobe con fotos de
aspirina es el sueño del
viento el sueño de mon
edas en el cogote del mar

Sunday, February 18, 2018

la mierda de siempre
cadaver of endless time
- Ivan Argüelles

socks burning on the grave your
hot shat leg boiled off a
chained lake the shape you
drank stones stretched the heels
¿a present so small it don't exist
you “live in the past” but
past happened already it don't
exist future not happened yet
it don't exist you “live in the
future” has passed already
when are you when are you
writing this? la mierda inmortal
tod o mort-disant “so
squints a beak...of decimated
canine pulp”- I.A.
shoe's tongue
taste my blood
air fills yr clucking pants grease
filthy seconds” at the wheel
flies running in clouds” - I.A.
turning of your face's
turning : a shoe cancer dreams a
boat was the dream of
roots crawling in a coffee cup

flesh blanket
stones and wind


enraged the eye that corners
you embraced embrace the
shattered pole my iced
word shroud it was your
cumbrance gritty coldcut in
your sandwich thick with
socks' long walk across
a rutted cornfield was
your head ccrustedd wwith
aantsts and a rusty spoon

was your head crusted
with forks and a
creamy knife rewinds
your form of chewing
breakfast with an
ancient pill it was a
hand yanking at your
tongue what said what
said a dusty wind mum
bles in the edgeless weeds

moss and dice

defonetics swim my clut
tered face was “where”
my stunned fork mute is
stuck thinner in yr future
gone is was a nostril's
grinning light luggage
beast nestled on the stairs
was itchy was your spoken
shoe plunger through O
heaps of notes steep fool
risen to illumination in the
afterwind of your linguine bowl
itchy leg
explication's liver cut



Thursday, February 15, 2018

le visage armé

the dream of a carnival is the
dream of a brick sandwich in the
bread slick with mayo was a
brick once the dream of an
open window's now the dream
of a shoe the shoe's “celebrated
impact precursor...greatly naked”
)Jim Leftwich( before her endocliptic
sawitch and your sleeping cheese “the
brick's a book” ,nos sin aire ,and
your coughing ccoughing cccoughing a
)gun nodule pinched beneath your
hanging shirt( A FOUL FOOL WALKS
)“sty sensory sen-fire rites” - J.L.( wears
a hat dripping paint your hand your
sscrew - I swallowed the wall
it's brick you thinks she he says a
plummeting chair:
caw breeze
face of arms
A FACE OF ARMS race of wars
and worms burning gravel... rock
and what generates rock
vast and empty the final O Ivan Argüelles
the cream of arrival was the
stairs ,ascending from a boat
nos sin aire )eria nis son( my
dry sun-worm the page a burning leaf ma chaîr naitra la rose ensanglantée.
- José-María de Heredia


sink o' shadows hah iiitchch
or ddreamed breakfast
was the lawn quivers with
plastic bags flying ants
left your eyes
wet smoke invasion
speed inside yr afterbread
war “Je n'ai pas le temps de
perdre mon temps” - Ben Vautier
vision in a knot cluster
driftless bandage
driftless bandage
)black coin on a white coin(

scratch and scr atch

Lavandería Nombre

flagmentario el fin a
dosado de mis tumbas truecas
enboiled nor afta afta
depleasantries asleep in a b
urntout doorway hace meses
sin cagarse what's up abra
cadabra enematic proliminal hat
chet...? ...had-as... uh uh de
decomentario me perdí el cogote
milenario ha lustros y lastres llagas
y llamas que te llaman nos”
sin aire .enflagelada informática
que te traga el nonombre... ay tu
melody instantiated enters relentlessly
por algo será, algoteado es

)ubre ubre ubre ubrE(

Con dos versos de Jim Leftwich, de su libro
Transmutations of César Vallejo

Tuesday, February 13, 2018




John M. Bennett

Written mostly in English, with some poems in Spanish, or mixtures of the two languages, Bennett's new book, with its multiple voices and forms, including some visual works, continues to challenge or befuddle the tired, cliché-ridden world of North American poetry with poems like this: skin skin soon the shore turd cries re meantless imbrication of the sh adow water where your feet was gone ? impaction ,cloud ,funnel vision of the blut was left its shroud of flies its stony maggots where the beak onnce spspurt ,congoja conjugada con el horizonTe na nada es y nádame el pellejo vacío ,aire ...sous l’horrible peau que flotte... - José-María de Heredia


Friday, February 9, 2018


what haft thunder ,halfed in
ner yr outer ear's dank
fist ,contamination where
the eye don't go .light rat
tles down a wall your
hand's lost the dream
of a ghost is the dream of a
cigarette smoldering in an
ashtray; the dream of the
ashtray was the dream of your
hand held open to catch the
rain )este piano viaja para
adentro( what nit
picking nightmarish in
sectiles' sound po
ured on the butts and buts
con clavos oxidados en la
la boca que habla que habla
es un fridge que abre y abre
cierra que cierra la puerta bl
anca Ah, what now vamoose,
serving yourself nothing
pues ay
que silenciarte pues
la mano un gozne
entre sí y
ojno es

los más soberbios bemoles

Gracias a Aaron Flores por dibujar el título.
a Bibiana Padilla Maltos por soñar de espectros,
y a Jim Leftwich por las frases de su libro
Transmutations of César Vallejo, y a César Vallejo

por haber escrito dos de los versos aquí perdidos


yr sandal brims ,final
coffee wells before the
walk's ,ssllabb neck t
urns away before the
hole ,rabbit tw itchicth
was yr nostril velvet
facedown in pea soup
crawl and fly ,your species
gassed before the sea

merienda por fin

in the shelf a shadow swallowed
in heaving lunch elotes y lumbres
was brûme disant was un toldo
explicándose en el aire de la
tarde oscura no te puse
el agua adrede no te abrí el
pecho... starved death is a
harbinger to remember veins y
venas verás de frases pegajosas, la
cocina alumbrada con orinas
)mask, usual with simpering, to hum
iliate the avenue( la esencia in
esencial lo que vale son las
caras las caras las car al ras

)episodio de periódico inmortal(

Con dos versos de Jim Leftwich, de su libro

Transmutations of César Vallejo

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


entered the lapser MIS
por la a cera detextual fog and
shoes a mord ant drib bled thin
gaze o cacahuates de bruma and
a c lever thorn squeals against
glass' forgotten storm revived
,shapely wind )yr face sh redded
jaw sin sílabos( CON UN OJO
SALTADO is ice ? is fork ? is
melting key ? was sugar chewed
be neath yr bed en el diván una
palabra palimpincesta


mundo inmundo
es ,e invisible

entro inentro
plumífero me como

frijoles de
aire de frijoles

y más
ni menos es

cama oscura
como agua es


my age a boat
my tooth a snore
my itching back a
lung number ,washed out
wall ,letrero sin letras
lentes de grasa que te
caen por la cara
L e L e e e L L e L e e L L L l
es el lago que te
habla desde los pies
ándale pues in your
thumb a pin your
hhand a bbreadth

or coin

coin or ambulation