Wednesday, January 12, 2011


slag throat the it ::O:: testing moon
the throat ::O:: crash the time singing
leaking through my throat ::O:: slung corn
throat crown ::O:: was licking the log
gusting throat your wind ::O:: resting spoon

Re Dressed

the languid net my stunning ghost
stripping all the faucet nuts your
tune tube tangled like a shirt
.save the greasy focus for my
window name or ammunition cur
dled in your armpit who are you a
match ?the lumpy shadow ch
urned I was coughing up a sleeve


jolt the ,mámparo misturanza ,my
mammaries mutate ,popcorn ,lizard
doorway rustles as the air combines
what slickness’ that a corndog ?
the sung rodents drool ,my lurching
fog shapes a credit card against
the door and all the flopping sings

Fashion Shed

the mute the molt the mutt the mite
the map the mote the wandered off
the pull of muttered ,lagged finger
at the watch crushed ,a skull
,a lamp ,bisturí y municiones ,motor
lice tramping off .the sink moron
sleeps the mice gargling layered in my

So Wet

my dog lander crowned ,growling
in a cave the mists mattering down
the walls and smack against the
door .the labor fall the fumes of
eyesight curdled in my lap were
maggots and starry night o club
me off o runny ladder lost a
long the shore


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