Wednesday, June 27, 2018


These words are the bones of the
past are the way of sight:
book mirror crystal eyeglasses
clock :gut cloaca snore son los
huevos del aire y añoro el
ahora en que aparezco en que
flicker ,flame almost out is a
circular wall and a gate between
cheeks a pool fought over
in the palm of your hand blood
drips from your eyes

pinche poesía like clamps
shut the turd pinched off
- what you left – a nostril
blow – stiff mouth shut the
fuck up I should – or shape yr
lumbered exit stuffed with
socks yr shadow bleeds
white all the red you strang
led skin flaked in a bag of
onions paper sherds I walk
upon – listing the voices on
a paperclip – I named yr
swallowed tortilla - “Frank” I
think ,or “subsequent meandering”
,ah my clotted door !

the dream of the letter R
is a dream of a tool sinking
in a lake the lake are the
words you always forgot


trunt trough
sunk en light


función del trueno cagado
de la lupa del sobaco
sosobacaco que me come la
pierna del sótano un
árbol de humo sube que
sube una nube de ácido
sulfúrico – me veo por el
vidrio enrevesado oev em
ODICÁ u ODISEA por los
senderos disurcantes di
scursantes de wasted breath
))).un jhardín a hoscuras
¡fulano de cal que me
des-hespera al pie de la
hescalera! y honro las haches

hortografía de mhierda...(((

Sunday, June 24, 2018

la haine

the chair in your face la
chair sans os cillation de sa
eau 's o pen sea t he Turd
shouts on a flooded stage
the chair the chain c linking on
yr neck is a book upside down a
stream dancing far below the
chair the chain a foxhead on
green grass birds flash past ~~ ~
the chair the chain the chair the

sordo soy
sueño suero sudo(

chain the chair the chain the c h air


. . . . . . .
in my hissing ear nostril
flag or worm crawls up a
wall the slippery light's
your ring of silent trees
never chew the fog
chew yr hand text dis
solves ay rededissolution
over half the visage circle
over half the sussuration sink
over half the skull's elastic strap

in my singing ear your
opened voice your
closing voice your
rabbit smeared with ink

the swallowed moon
ringing was a coin
flicflikering as it sinks


Wednesday, June 20, 2018


swo ll rind
engine floods

dr ink
in es encia f lag
yr shad owed s ink

≈ ≈ ≈ embest ida es
mi jeta deenfática

pluma pendi ente
shapeless leg wind

s lake a wal k
em bed ded inn er

s weep the ants a wa ve

, , , , ,

chew before the stone

dust drips off yr obsidian
face reflexion of water and
rabbit orthography the
book dissolves is smoke and
weeds torn up by road
is your pen an insect
cricrickering in your hissing
ear .is this the foot
crowned with a frog is
this a son staring from a
bed thinks of drums and
wheels and industrial fans ?
el ventanal en la cima del
pirámide es el recuerdo que
olvido es el olvido rerecor
dado en el frízer con mi
calzado de jamón y chapulines
.bah ,no hay máscara que me
vale un solo frijol

the longer nap

only a dead wind left
stagnant across a slick
sidewalk was wall of
headache flashlight dro
pped in wet grass your
fragrant E drips off
a rotting table

should the shoulder fall sh
ould the flooded gate ?

rice and mist cheese
thickens the drain your
hand floats over
toward name your
shadow page b
right f lame

Dieu est Alzheimer” - Ben Vautier

Sunday, June 17, 2018

black smoke
- for Eerie Billy Haddock

list congeals a wall dream's
clogfrontation is the babies
rotting in cages books burning
on a concrete floor
X x X X xx X
unwaken a sandwich
on your face COLOSTOMY
in your tiny screen of wonder
bread slab of dust kak
pool is the fork held
over your watch naked
feet circle the edge with
Eerie Billy's list :“envelopes
hotsauce coleslaw drano” a
mouth open ringed with

[dust pool]
[tiny bread books]

an inch of corn en el
espejo negro humo y reflujo ácido


fig urinate
last time
a wall whale


sodden paper at the back
of your eyes it's your brainfor
m ball of hair rotates slow in
dark says BLOGTCH an o
range exexutif ggags sus
2 agujeros de mierda en
foque de lluvia o saliva pega
josa – pergamino del fulgor
desollado – pellejo de-escrito
como mis olvidos – que no
recuerdo que ni recuerdo
cómo me llamo cómo me
llamé cómo la llama d
rains swallow my shshoe y
camino como escalera sin
peldaños my shirt a fog
unfocused was is lung and ants

My eyes are full of cement.
- Joseph Ceravolo

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


inbred the shoe that
burns in the heart of a
beast N'AURA EU
LIEU )Mallarmé( do
ors fall off why wind re
turns snrut er ror de
layed yr exit comes tumb
ling in shadows naguères
d'ou sursauta son délire
)Mallarmé( calzado del
aire armado camimino
hacia el martes
ya olvidado my socks
on backward drawkcab re
turn to my wheezing eyye
,mantis alert on my sleeve
slowly raises an arm

...coupant au ras les bonds...
- Stéphane Mallarmé

toilet dust

really half the finger d
rawled and taunt
yr risen foam a
lens pay less to
storm the sidewalk
layer centuries down
excavate la cara
para ver nomás the
other half dig it might
itch might loom
before the consunkuential

is is

leaving the drugstore

the shadow its heat a tongue
brief letter E in lightless
grass blank toys and water
mark your buried knives

were heads shapeless ears a
rain map exhales yr book of
windows clocks wheels
sleeping inches from the wall

aphasia's wind speech
worms dancing in a body
box of burning alphabets

silhouettes spin in parentheses
doubled syntax missing your
marble doubt an inky flag dissolves

Recombinant distorted condensation of
Ivan Argüelles' Sonnets 92-100

Saturday, June 9, 2018

plunger ,face

the dream of rhubarb pie
is a hole at the calendar's
center the calendar is a river flowing
back is a highway at the edge of the
burn zone

stuttering what else comes to ear
pulse plasm despair the light
ceilings unobtainable thrombosis
brain in name invented heat
distributed in cycles to lovers
you the hive of yellowing otherness
mind asleep in its arm syntax
hair shorn overturns rain
postulates of invertebrate chaos
galactic wave darkening
homonyms lightning comets as
terisms' tongue running out
of its mind get to the mortuary
driving her clock's smoking text
[condensate of Sonnets 20-27 by Ivan Argüelles]

volcán del calendario que me
abre la cara la caraquítica la
caratónita que no entiendo
con mi codo ni mi nudo desnudo

tongue smoking
condense river masks
spit in the books
como rabos de rana derrumbados”
[Mario Santiago Papasquiaro]

reverts the ecaf yr) ¨


where sweat crawls the
rain's shirt ,assinmime
soy yo jájá nadalactic
log rotting under the
compost heap I off you
or tied the rope around
your eyes ,frog cage ,sapos
sordos del futreista

in uh there ,underwhine


ch ew eh
soa p yr
fauce t
ss ucks

yr end o wind
ow exo ga s w
all / / / ’ ’ ’

s lab sh ape uh
nos tril p ill pl

ease ww and er off f f f

Tuesday, June 5, 2018