Sunday, October 30, 2011


my loose neck doubled with
the hat collection you were
scrumbling in the snow re
fraction ] [ and was ga
gging at the gate my f
orking lint spoon ―=:: ―o
my sagged dog foot ظ re
surgitation pusilánime te
toqué la O pulsera ,hule y
hierro ,losa abierta a la
sangre ≈ turbia

tus zapatillas limítrofes mis
lindes mis pieles desen
focados y tu ropa inris
ible de chalchíhuitl ta
llada o I giggled on
the splashing ≈ throne my
left throat coughing
to my right the spin
ached window ▀ snored my
crumbled notebook::: yawn
ning in the ~breeze

the flag face whistles


the luck flaked sky my
shining luggage fell through
space of form and ash
your swift lunch rebirths
the room I couch my ham
in livered light and scal
ding cloud was what I knew
I thought your toothbrush
was the key

my face slept in the sink
your thinner tube wriggles
cross the floor my lock
or lunch complected lung
your smile puncher g
lows and thickens was a
rope of glue and stick
y gloves o don’t awake bu
t fumble with the

half the hair gushed down

Saturday, October 29, 2011

gosh gnat ,blut
···fruitflies··· spell
it ch out the s
ky end ·

bul l l ore mu
d t une for
êt let’s sp
read □

fore chore
··· dotty ···
mus t
)be neath the snow(

ot ought humm
each fuzz o sh
oot( ● ● )seed
s s s s s s((

lieber liver
slott painn

th e ree f

cor nur half
└ teet twee
shadowed ┘ lau
ghter )gul p(

dongy hullk it
chch inches
eh scrattchched

bummpedd na mooon
in metzl i nk pow
door creee py crrudd
~ //snore\\ ~

the luck flaked sky my
shining luggage fell through
space of form and ash
your swift lunch rebirths
the room I couch my ham
in livered light and scal
ding cloud was what I knew
I thought your toothbrush
was the key

my face slept in the sink
your thinner tube wriggles
cross the floor my lock
or lunch complected lung
your smile puncher g
lows and thickens was a
rope of glue and stick
y gloves o don’t awake bu
t fumble with the

half the hair gushed down
bought howl indick.tation
,stone nor glowed ,the
nickels bent an urrinous
Ͽ )thought my trots( a
ringlet doddering o’er
the d.ishw.ater ≈ bl
owfly face ,febre a
marella and the w
a// is st,r,e,a,m,i,n,,g,,,

)your dizzy n●stril drowns(

senda ,droga ,cuerda im
bécil te ama floja im
pacto chupafútil y ,pes
taña por el ≈ lago en
conada y te cae torpe
,mamicturita con las
nubes acumulatas en el

ojo camin o ojo coagulante

butt craw leash feat
her shield mirrors the
glassy knife I o
pened up to fart
.tied you to it you
walked away and
I was “sent” ,a
cowlick in the pantry

“where my shorts were filled with milk”

,dorm ,ant ,boot hu
mming chain click
ing up my leg I
crushed your book
and cuadrupeded
toward the sticky
table where 6 “e” s
rolled and bounced

my sleeeeeep an mildewed socks

strut ,long ddockk slo
ppy football spells
the gutfruit wo
bble of my guest
in dentation su
gar a goat dr
ools beside the
driveway wipe yr
ass with stone

the boat on a mountain sleeps

duck armpit matteration
haw a kill .the root
porridge ,defecate a
jade or lunch conde
nsation of the thic
kened wwindowws
where my shoulder’s


Monday, October 24, 2011





glass crumb

fog knot


each lug was


los fusiles enjambrados





gopher choke



el dedo cumbre lact ante la lupa mortá til mis escaleras in mistibles canica que en su zapato rehecho abre la llama zopil otesca o o o o o o o o fr ij ol

lúmen y torta con goja y gota rumi ante cloaca tu ded o presto o foque ante suma de mis ≈≈ aguas esfuma das mi llave dental o es pe jo

tornasol de plumas plomería de mi plenitud agujereada es el rincón de mi oreja visual que ,pusilánime sue ña nada nimia mas tonti ta y tumbatomada .lo que hace el pronombre put refacto

la lectura que lijo ,lum bre lombriz y me he per dido el peso liso .postizo mi ojo ,oriundo de tu pl ano pibil ,al vapor de la lumbre de su lencgua que lo mismo de mi boca ha b la





min tenstes





Sunday, October 23, 2011


Found in jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint no Sentence Book 10

reflected train dance

copy ceiling

holes ,letters

wh parts perio

gas form code
verb private

beef language


seething exits

o in to
ear cheese

chaos glass


eyes dualis watch

wind head dwarf

ti me me it ermed

inches horn

ellipti histor

distrusion ,ache potato

circles )fetish(
har vulner

ano blood pig

eggs magaz

distant yawn border

facis artifac
illus spac


DEMO )grasp( po


)eye ,telephones(

rat-fork snow-cones


gather window

“word” fec
e s taring

chicken cause fork hangnail

bean corpo

horse dollar cheeks

static breakfast utopia
bug towers

argot down
the geysers the

assholes disloca
sleep job

grinder wound



slant cult swimmers

political radius

basement froth

)lichen persistence(
buttered struggle

shiny blockades

toxic fountain
glob fold






John M. Bennett - October 23, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

moth leg hunt
hash luster s
ink ≈ burbling
like your ear
jerks all night
the radish cl
og the ≈ drain th
e sodden wings ≈
swirl down ou
tta si

p lush h am d
ribble it’s a
inky c hew a
gr itty st em
wall et c huff
wit h st ew
an shredded s-

dugn musick shone the
phone dink ,clotter ,aff
arfing in the frac
tunal mis espinitas
turn aside ,at me
,o tinkling in the
shadows stop the
rot for me

the roof craw the
top nutter crash
ed aloud my
leg was splashed
.I drew the rab
bits in my poc
ket up ,or a c
up of muddy

ouch rabbit clos
et banging all
night tus migas
retenidas o con
ejito díme si
mi doorknob
rattles just
for me

cash humper do
ombre sin la
h silla de su
sombra ond
ulante the kni
feedged coins
roll an g lint
a c r o s s
the floor

lucre mosquerosa mi
motonaca ,cácaras
.tres los tristes tres
]la tumba[
con un lápiz de oro y cerote

sombra pulcra
toast and bullets
the fuel
foco funambulesco
and the grinning

in the crumpled window a
pes the shadow of your
lunchmeat boils the hair I
scraped up out the plug h
ole saw a sky relfection
grey an orange a ladder
hanging off a roof my
eastern eye was ice my
western omelette dro
p p ing chunks of ham

blaze of furry gasoline my
cogote en llamas sin cabeza
foundered in the cave where
clouds begin my mind of
sight congoja ,pelambre
,barniz de lumbre y as
pirina ,foco que cae a
shade snapping in the wind

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

nur rule op
purulent or
nindo chumper

ah ash ah

chow dump pi
ll ● )leaker(
rye whisker

cop off

the boot neck the
tunt look
the flag ass the
blob sore
the sup shit the

~raw hair night~
dabbled team
ruggage ay

each fondled ha
unt ied da
mp s c ream
r oun ding nall
┐)t hem corn ers(┌

shrug meal sunk
toiled grift
a hung

yat yat

lentive fogus


mum root too


the blok e ne
t haw la
nd horror

way too dumb

eels ,forks
glug ,cloud
wrot ,maet
blew ,blu


chore hee l
log rabbit

borne to


uh spinter in my throat it
splits for you was farting
in the shower ≈ with a dr
owning moth >< ≈ soa
ked the mole grinning
on your foot ))hushed
and coughing(( I held
some ∞ liverwurst

loot the lube or corni
chon dripping on my
knee your oily w atch
O ]a sandw itch[
those britt le
fludtering moths )my
nostril(( ))oscillation(

lung twaddle UUU short
sky wave my CCC gristle
laun dry ППП pumps the
lawn whey OOO her
shadow digs /// socks and
why ??? mu ll my drinking
back ]]] shoo ting ....... in
the .......... fog ...............

couldn’t hold a wha //// t
he waves //// his fifth dire
ection / sudden cave ////
coughing / water //// up
my c l i f f // drooled ///
the hollow sleep he //
flavored with your /////
do /// // or

mis güevos motiniles ,shirty
slagoff tending toward the
stiff suit mi mazorca
péndula and the squirrelling
of your culo capitoso cristal
ina la cumbre fotonaca
.mis clavos rusting in the
buck et

trash claws ,sobbing
cake ,the ,spend the
gritty s law clotty neck
and poco punzil el lápiz fi
gurativo the spores grind
through the intextino of
her plective faced blouse

villista soy y el son me
nor de la mugretud pleni
mo biliaria me con mina
do nde el tren se nutre
de hue sos ,un lomo ,un
fin prin cipiante una
cloaca que limpia la
plaza y moja los petates
el agua soy y toditos los
motinarios a lumbrados

sotil ,sumado ,sondeo
san to mino ,el flujo la
fle cha el fin
prepuscular ,llámame
,mamoncito ,mugre
motil y un riñón que
got ea tengo la oreja
de ar ena llena tu
pañuelo en llamas

la caca mata la tuerca
punzil el fono en fin mis
finados .la barca car
idormida se me vuelve e
insista un instante per
pétuo , una piedra disuel
ta y un guante lleno de
l u z

el foso fértil un fue go
infúnebre fati gado del
sueño piepétuo de la
semana ful minosa
como piedra que me
habla en el bolsillo
rasgado de mi brazo

Sunday, October 16, 2011

the labp comb drips the
blangk light crowns the
corninert where I le
ft my sleep demind
.upper hambiencia c raw
ling ni my belly where yr
stop forgot my ,drobping
bowel’s left the bowl be
hind my strayned ha
ir a compasante perdido
,es la cloaca dormida es
tá de lo que sabía llena

bur bu
gre ña


not the nut the k
not the )node( flaco
shed the s core lens

o trot

see hymn nurt
rition )fog( bot
fly the ham leg
rot sung the

flag rant beets

mime puzzle flaking nor
your intimodulation s
un table flops or / c
rashes ),d,,,r,i,z,,,z,l,e,(
down em face

nur sure sore nor
apt ape g land
stippled in the mou
th water )≈( bubb
ling off the l
e dge

tongue reef tongue
suit tongue flare
tongue nut tongue
clock tongue mort
tongue fly tongue
melt dog

shitty moo lot sp
ell shirty gas t
time fell shirty in
the shirty soup jus
t wipe the shirty

slap my snore arm p
lot the underthrow ,d
rains the lake stool o
half stacked steaming
through my suit I c
hopped the storm ≈/≈

the dog’s blink estor
nudo map a bl
inder cross my f
ace biliberation
,labiorizonte tan
d i s t a n t e

doblar ,dije

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

my chewed snore
crap heel
dim you
warped an slimed

lupt gagot imed
shirty fuzz a
muttered butt
on suck it s
uck it ‘s

rul e of o ne w
all )bed( wall o w
m rat itification
spr ay ≈ the tu
b rims’ mu d f ills
the pl ugu labulation

steep skin the la under
neck tightyturned
teléfono es un
nogalítico un pieloscopio
-- que ve o the ex
capation ,no more w
ash e d

saw an straw
urn met
clink clin
k raving loo
t min ding
orth otick )l

let hun beest m ope
dog c ram whee ,dle
forayn sugar h old
hem c lose t im
e momma’s face

s and y moan
me utter
wasp n
et slu g
sp ender en

raft loz enge
)mur dur o( pen
sieve un )slept(
uh uh )ham f(
ractal “hocks”
see me stumped see me
flocked me see me
et ched nor lispy at
the bowl’s edge me
see the writhing mist the
streaming blood or see
me holding a wiener in
my shoe o see me w
riting the mustard on yr
w a l l l /

ton gue suit fracas c
loudy mute convection
said a steamy pile a
sticky bandage f
olds beside the to
aster st
arts to ~ burn

must crawl soggy chair
leg pistol throated me
at p lug the dog’s m
ist frying up in lunched
quick book on fire [~]

neg act ive sum mer
bees los a bejorros que
mi taza llenan mud ras ol
vidadas a mis labios de
hule walked across the ki
tchen floors _. . . . ._

b end in tocular the
s pat Џ gl ass far f
ull ar f em pty I st
are atta tab le jour c’est
fin i in atl drib ping o
ff the e d g e

lunge crust lunge lake lunge
ham lunge fork lunge mutt
lunge smelt lunge tore the
cur tain down the lunge
dust lunge lake lunge damn
lunge pork lunge gut lunge
pelt lunge door lunge the

Monday, October 10, 2011

rust an neck ,pull ,plomo
de grillos ,multitudinarias t
us piernas ,finistierra .peldaño
inútil ,the flaking combs mu
tter in the hall your mooing th
roat your as .pyro baggage
ascendencia escombrosa so I
spoke the spoon what spoke I
said my saids was flickering
slowly in the draining tub

,mutely ,morphed ,manado ,ma
ted to a scribbled drywall ,te
nse nor oily bucatini õõ coil
ing in my socks I walked in
sauce .aimed the door at you
but o pen what’s trawled
outside the book what’s dub
bing in the black dust be
neath your bed .the numb er


edge of .the nite
hymn .doody cr
awls away the
,sand plans the
mess of forks ̶ =


too’s neck gruntled flame o
nítido ,escusado de qu
arzo and the hall’s d
eep grit the máquina de es
cribir rises on a chair

scour the fall spender mum
bled tuber muscled in the
gummy lake yr frog neck
vision curves nor drowns
out there the sur face co
vered with L l eaves

eneminencia a
ra tos my
listing gust m
y ascualidencia

y siempre y nunca

dosificarme ¿no?

plantel ni plan

la vaca lo
vacuomnívoro lo


treinta túneles
los vientos veintitrés
los valores fofos
los los
la luna lenta

¡el pato!

es critorio ,a
zúcar plu
ma en lla
mas la na
da no hay
ni nada

) shirtless (

mis trillas
yr shoelaces

lo sombreante

en asno ni

flaco y f

yr dusty corns

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

my mitey shade my
ask you lóbulo te
mporal mis mimos
minimistas coa
gulados en el po
zo triangular tu
cara reactiva
. . . . . . . . .

sordo .pleasance .core
mist towel ventanal
ur shame g
lut gargantal
pulso .pómulo .pencil

shot the shone
pull .melt nit
crasa blanca
o my shoulder hurt

)¿dog socks?(

shed ,neck ,gate
dud ,todo ,entry
shape ,pulso ,fog
shirt ,clot ,teem

shorter meat my
carnumption b
lanks the mono
‘s golden teeth
lo que come
he forgets

my mud my chew my
,chafes the es
calera azul the
sozinho supe so
zinho es crevo y
cuervo y

seeming thudly halfsmit
en tered the floody ch
amber stacks of ph
onebooks mildew the

my h ushed so baco
your sleeping bean
my lapsed tortilla
en el lago nada

shutter should .neck
.comillo .tant pis .nor
mal ,cerilla ,tuna can
.sees the shorter

your sore chorizo lung muscles
through the lapdog g g tasted
fog inside her eye a mildewed
lightbulb ticks beneath my ch
air some twitching g g hairs ~
~ ~ ~ ~ inhale the hopping
cor n uts and stand be
side the falling plaster their
meatless words sizzling in the

my age hapnetic diploid buns
slumping in the sink crowned
with flies jejenes con su c
anto minifaldas abrí la vent
ana gritty wind twisted in
~ ~ Ҩ my clustered burfday
settles in the corners )snore I
left was shouting( fraca flaca
,nimiero ,nonadada ,numen
e n t e


Monday, October 3, 2011

Versos Revolucionarios

sur was sore

toot the tomb


mis tercios
mis cinco sentidos

tus labgios
tus caminitos mixteriosos

mis lontananzas
tus lentananzos




shot the sugar off
s h a t t e r


meat time

yes said

counted it

might hang


)norteño y(

viento fontanal

hit an heave


ni queso

shirtless nigh
weight dunkel

lo mismo es

aguateca ,mondar


lotería lo lomo
de piedras y luces


trono ≈de≈ in atl