Monday, January 24, 2011


the loot number coil ,“pleasant” di
versionaries sodden in the corn my
tummy gate rolls back .nodder
cube )“headless”( shoulder wallet
left with grease and bullets in
the brink or so I counted .raced
and cawed and muttered in the
stool .my slackwards glance saw
,uh ,“you” or foggy pinto beans
sticky with the calendar round my
open skin flapping in the ssmmoke


gnat glancer bubbled in my throat a
crispy shadow in the file cabinet where
my tongue was greased .a lunch
thumbprint ,plates of moonlight sm
eared across the wall I cracked in
to out O aim my fog at you at
me’s a dropper in the flat pants
I never wore out’s ide ,the comb gut
blister ,piles and miles my sandy
thumper caved into the rotting
log )I spoke the spoke the water(


my toothy humo sped your n
ames was bladder than a
phone single ,course pretending
fogsuit sugar .wet was I and
burning in the lakefire those eggs
and mouths of gnats )my ghost(
tantamount .or funneled folding
in my armpit like that sticky
toast ,burrito leaking paragraphs
was fought with flatulencia mi
s tunas stuffed inside my shorts
)de manera que me( abrí la
boca y )lo( librabaa


dust and corn ,elote mice ,juice
cancelled like the rain event that
drowns the basement .eyes and
bones ,chalchihuitl blinded in a h
ole tus pies invisibles se acuerdan
en mis orejas mi moho fun
ambulesco rolling up the “hill” at’s
the buey ,güey was shirtless ,so
ng-thrust ,flagging clown the lat
hered snake ,coatetl dropping
from my pants I thought was


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