Saturday, February 27, 2016

knot distance

the coil re
placed your eeyyee
was moment will
be muffled in a
sleep or mattress
slumped and sopping
on a curb will
be the death last
week the f
light is wrapped in
bloody newsprint's
mist sspeeding
out of control if
control could foam
the kaos de forming
in the warehouse's
dank petroglyphs or
water's towered
walls on hill
where grass dis
solves was cloud-like

Something sensed in
Ivan Argüelles' “The Death”

Thursday, February 25, 2016


frozen ddust
yr tires sleep
outside a cage
yr wrinkled fog


forking fog “to which”
yr leg returns nor
egometric slurry was
the hill sluffs slow
,a cave a
bove be low ,w
here ash begins

returns the sandwich e
vaporation off the plate

bâfrer la boîte à lettres

for k c lot ti mes all
b ent ry gret the so
up phezema's faint
breezed up from p
age's dim pain by
e bye pain postal je
n'ai rien à lire la bou
che inutile enton noir
de blé ssure was ch
oked the loaf with g
land .n'ai rien à dire
rien see thes s low d
own the gl ass w
ritten with a thumb

...j'vois qu'ma machin' vous em...terre...
- Paul Verlaine

Tuesday, February 23, 2016




door dog door dog door
dog door dog door dog
door dog door dog door
dog door dog door dog
door dog LUTTE fog suit
fog suit fog suit fog
suit fog suit fog suit
fog suit fog suit fog
suit fog suit dog suit





it was nor
kept a
dog a sleep
behind the
door its
timer wind
what is wasn't
or a sponge

burn the pockets

comb the lunch
your head re
tripppled is the
shouting snatch
yr hairdo off
file a suit

Saturday, February 20, 2016


oeil oeuf oeil oeuf oeil
oeuf oeil oeuf oeil oeuf
oeil oeuf oeil oeuf oeil
oeuf oeil oeuf oeil oeuf
oeil oeuf DURE oda gorda
oda gorda oda gorda oda
gorda oda gorda oda gorda
oda gorda oda gorda oda
gorda oda gorda oda gorda



smoke mask of
table splint ered
ch air yr leg bro
ke off dust see
n's eyeholed fl
oor or d rip
betimed .was
it was that was
or the drink
glass shat tered
.y nunca te ví la cara

let it all

full claw belt the
tttossing pool ah
f lavor thro at
m ice and s law –
the cabbage deck
shines ,yr dick
dink boat

fury ,clouds

lunch the gate

boilup cheese lump
leaves yr face a
door piled high
effort crust en
gagement ,clove
the foot fan the


yr sl ant corn you
effort nail d
enser tongue dens
er tTongue h
opped off neck


mis guanteojos cerrados
was a fist ,entailed
a flutter lapse a
blister espectro era
,de los lentes mano
,misty::::: slab sunk
inside my face with
held the fingered sight
yr sweat laid out
was touched for seen
was lost the hand or light

der Luft
mit der Augen-
- Paul Celan

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


increaseant yaw
n my knee in
jects the
boiling ship de
ploys the too
th drip off all
sandwich sp
oiling on the
sea to form
a stage with our mouth
- Lanny Quarles


chin ,was g ash
seep lack de
rails in
nod's comp
action of yr
crawling hairs
was a watch

Bald glänzt ihr
- Paul Celan

step outside

c hain of legs
or hats
matter's not's
outer spring
regreased with
or sleep ,sleep
,debating time

...a translation of a serene pane
- Lanny Quarles

nap's off

slime debate
your sleep fog
rafter's squirrel
impacts a lake
dripping in yr
or fuel di

kapp ihre Finger
- Paul Celan

Saturday, February 13, 2016


porcelanas mis güevos por
celar el cuerpo insútil in
tonsa la hoja que padezco
infirme la ventana informe
y j'ai fermé la bouche
para decirte nonatoantes o
nada ,si nada la vida que
se me pasará es ,la vi sta
horchata en el fon do del
vaso ,y un huevo pas ado
en el fango del rincón
importátil de mi cocina


pos terior ,im bécil ,in
dagado mi ver so que
brado ,por un o jo
cer rado por ore ja
oxi dada por bo boca
que ehecha mimigas
en el sesosendero que
,de trás de mí ,es un vos
que no se pie rde

clod hole

in blame in clam in
just a head in sole
in meat in gnats out
side an eye your
name thinks in
in pool in gate in
pustule flavored
,buy a cloudy steak

Friday, February 12, 2016


ombre hombre ombre hombre ombre
hombre ombre hombre ombre hombre
ombre hombre ombre hombre ombre
hombre ombre hombre ombre hombre
ombre hombre TUMBA anda onda
anda onda anda onda anda
onda anda onda anda onda
anda onda anda onda anda
onda anda onda anda onda


O grito é o excremento...
- Pedro Lago


tomb eau des peluches m
a mer s les dents oriflammes
es cupitazo ONDE ou rire
dans la mer la memer la
mimère la poubelle de
tout qui j'avais n'oublié
¡coño! j'ai oublié tout
le rien ,tout! tombe
de l'eau qui me souviens
parole de mer de ce
miroir de sang sans

O Estado encoberto por
uma imensa nuvem
- Pedro Lago

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


my crusted lake th
inks ik' churns the
trees' smoky shore
T sinks
ik' tic k mum bles
bro ke s ticks
r rolls the water's
edge T blade
rises from the grave l
where yr glass was full

...brume livide...
- Philothée O'Neddy

con vida

lung chain di
me falls off
nor silence
clouds yr mou
th ought al
véolo ,no veo
lo que veo y
me vi me vi de


b lack s dog
icaustic nname
ttacked on bo
ard of ththanks
flyshit photos
axe in corn
er with an
em pty pot
once boilt
,fire on TV

Monday, February 8, 2016

já já

foco frenetico
me visto de gorra
y un pedo lacrimoso
viejito de mimierda
me veo        ¿ves?   


loop or knot
es perpento
fulanito pues
untie the foot
open yr eyes c
dans les nuages


course o
shadow lelenta
went inside
me mimas
no me mimes
spent outside


up the c rack what r
ose ,was apt or de
ad ,is he aped nor
thick ,a comb in fog
your leg's lost mist ,d
own the t high to the
c ave's last d rip

Saturday, February 6, 2016

los sesos

the hills of wax and
light no estoy com
pleto de la mente c
loud y tal vez
pasa la lluvia mis
placed sobre sus
huesos gnaw the
opalescent library
a puro palo y cuchillo
mataron turn the p
age see if the sun
mas no hay donde la
vela poner the
rotting horse adjective
se queda triste su
ropa looks at the
horizon's invisible
shadow lo que pienso
es que pienso yo the
recurved sky with its
missing stone no
sé interminable dementia
que no puedo hacer nada
telephone hidden in the pool
whispers in reverse no
son decires sino que yo lo vi
cómo fue el asesinato de él
points to the grinding stars a
puro leño se los sacaron

Cross-eyed in Ivan Argüelles' “Senex”
& Horacio Castellanos Moya's Insensatez

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


p luck hal f
aucet nur
yr utrient
pel daño
for tuito
no me pisas
nom e l
embras a
cho que sim


f lunk com
pact eeeee
asy pull a
to side b
inder ,sun
k yr h and
a uh ,pea s
aid relact
yr mou th
in ner den
sandy bin
yr lunch dried in


invade the door per
haps yr ahk cap
flames or d
ance upon a s
teaming stool d
ream inside the bom
b dream beside the b
omb re de ta tête
- denamed ,rehashed -
a fingered floor your
slept upon ,shado
wed with a neck

inhale ,or clam