Sunday, January 16, 2011


jerk sandwich a my sleeve !best to
,crack ,moat ,flailing word thumb ,loop
thunder what my dent combs .your
clod clout ,boiling in the suit of arms
,you sent you lunge you clusters next the
burning sill the written bench belching
clouds ,combination ,screwy storms
throated in my mask collection .som
ething sparkles in my lap the crumbs
rained down saying ,dressing ,flopping ,at

La Maravilla

shorter sand dander sent a lunger
foam shat across the groom pl
under splashing ,pickled eggs for
eyes and your shorts were fulla
hats so you thought of spitting and a
thoughtless moon turned upside down
you tying on the steps .the temple
buried sweating under your back y
our empty shirt rising toward the sky

A Tus Órdenes

chirping you were thoughtless grizzle
clungination at the dimming wall a
chin a bellow ,foamy armpit
holds a leg like wind my head
on sdrowkcab brimmed with losing
corn the toxic berries in my gas
oline oh shirking pizzle in your
closet !I skinned my arm to
dress you up I ate my door to
walk the clouds with you

Go Away

swerved and borne the miley wasp
tented in my baseball clap ahead the
miles away .my teeth the wheel
your soggy cuffs dragged along the
road ahead a crack between the
long dark lumps up there oh light
and whistle oh cowdung streamed a
long the road the muddy tomb fulla
hives my arm is twitching


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