Thursday, May 31, 2018

long bear

li vid s ink
s weat t
roubles a

sleep a roar
a a dawn
breaks b R

wet bed
dim slaw
facial p eel

s peak a h
ole a O
v oid o vi d
before the clalm

is it ch isn ot
por tal e
mist eri oso


Sever a wall with a hair
Sever a hair with a wall

Place yesterday's pants on a ladder
Place a ladder on yesterday's pants

Lick the gravel with a fork
Lick a fork with the gravel

Eye the wind with your hand
Eye your hand with the wind

Choose your water or today
Choose today or your water

Open a floor in a word
Open a word in a floor

Dry a pool with a pencil
Dry a pencil with a pool

File a suitcase with a tongue
File a tongue with a suitcase

Drain your tooth in a book
Drain a book in your tooth

Scissor a sandwich with a phone
Scissor a phone with a sandwich

Walk a turd across a hall
Walk a hall across a turd

Drink a thunder from a pocket
Drink a pocket from a thunder

Incinerate a bed under a finger
Incinerate a finger under a bed

Lose a fog above a key
Lose a key above a fog

Empty a suit with a sleep
Empty a sleep with a suit

Name your face with a shovel
Name a shovel with your face

Dry the water with a nail
Dry a nail with the water

Close a stone with a flashlight
Close a flashlight with a stone

Break a door in a faucet
Break a faucet in a door

Boil a chair beneath a sneeze
Boil a sneeze beneath a chair

Ignore a mouth with a shirt
Ignore a shirt with a mouth


la leche gastada

the narrow alley in your hand
holds a fork a wind swirls
from garbage cans holds a
mutters in your pocket
lesser throat greater vacuum
is a luncheonette filled with
hair a cat washes your face c
rumbly with the arc of rats and tofu
LUNCH SWEAT )))milk or time(((

dog falls down the steps

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


lipid comb your
gnoty p lace a
root thrum

a sq ualling b
each more
ch arred gulls

just my dog
your breath a
cloud neck

b idder ffog
in yr vasion's
it sl it a
drum wwind

soap bb oil
f lag l int
er vention

/~ /~ /~

sin pensarlo

a brimming hive's a leaf
lawn circles a wall un eco
asombrado en el garage ,cómete
las radios enigmáticas mapa
de insectívoros y facsímiles
de gutters' sleep-streaked dust a
hologram of water tree of
bees or engines coughing in
your homophones ¡las momias!
¡los ríos! caosmáticos en el
oxígeno de tu taladro y
palma poemática :son tenedores
en la barranca atestada de pirámides

Climbing out of Ivan Argüelles' “Mi Casa”
and “The Rediscovered Poem”

wind tube

leapt across the fog no
left hunga ,log
indensity ,tubular ,and
sees all nothing ,he
aving cr ate a frosty
hh air ,'s ticky ch
eese an drooling on
a bow's blank written
clown sin cara ,b
lowed a way a
long the water

fog hung crate
ticking cheese

Saturday, May 19, 2018


pomade yr dribbly snore
retains to frame your stilling
burger lined with carpet
is your aftasleep what music!
ease of flood frontispiece a
book of nails and ghosted
hammers ,complex of a
postal drain behind your
sleep ,write an awful
is what throat retries wh
at th roat reretries or
wakes the same lung pillow
swelling on the windowsill
.walk out walk in walk past
walk spilled

bloody arm


right light
uh neck defenestration


mull the cut void your t
ale read in yr eyes
was moon tomorrow's
anima pillow twitches
fire between yr
toes' hot seeds words
clumb darker from yr
pointed hand
on soap with ants
don't cough A
jueves ,César ,y siempre el
12 de octubre ,come que
come yr bowl of night y
siempre son el jueves
de los dientes s e c r e t o s

After Jim Leftwich's “Thursday”

Monday, May 14, 2018

not is

bis snense nor
d rank form
reclouted amb
orine ,is esh

bus ted end
a blurt
a nester c

sheep less
mort al sod
a hem a haw

butt ws de
ad mistive
een an eat

hore stall
eent dest
ah caw craw
/ / / / /


dust sh
adow le
ap into yr
p ants

clóset sumergido
- For Bibiana Padilla Maltos
& Mary Jo Bole

edgeless in the suit of grime
your leaky faucet thinks its
moon a yellow auto was a lake of
blood you sit the shore long for
chapulines you will eat last week
crowded in your soup your slimy
screen your rain your rain your
name whistled round a corner
where a nest explodes implodes
tu esencia inesencia tu silla
ahogada en el río it's
your toilet is the throne of time

El tiempo se vuelve 1 meteorito humano
- Mario Santiago Papasquiaro







fermata, quartz, milt, scat, congealing”
- Tom Furgas -

Friday, May 11, 2018

flood of moons
- For C. Mehrl Bennett

the dream of seeing your
parents' basement through a
hole in the driveway
representative of a foaming
,lack of ,chase a lung wh
at columbine gurgles in a
ear a n ear a ear ly snake~ish
sm eared into yr sandwich :my
fellow comb your swallow's ch
ittering air swirls in the
attic lengua p ants st
icky was the tide's gone
out a penciled shadow
and your fought fake lake
is a beehive murmuring in
the wall you sleep against
your hand held in
wind ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
mud brick palace melts be
fore a mountain wiitz your
speaker's name or antihistamine a
cup of gravel and urine
scr a wl eg
limptner ch ain g loss
tu olvido era ,de
caminar por una playa car
mesí y sumar la arenasca


)your swea
ty shirrt
caps aweigh
dr ink

daw h
um uh
whiffled ear

should neck
short a
mile d

d rim
bas t ante
lento ni
ojo hole

br reach a
f ist br
eath ah
g nat *

sungg s
nail unh
bag s nore
)( )( )( )( ) (

Monday, May 7, 2018

viento mutitudinario

of itching is the gravel
shivered down the alley is your
spine turning in its grave a
bomb spititttts yr chest
corrosion science and a book
gargled out the slack of
dawn your hair asleep
beneath the bed was
itching was a soup of
dust and shattered glass
was the air ausente de
tu piel tu piel transpar
ente sin cerebro mas que
piensa y repiensa que no
recuerda más nombre que
itching picazón was sh
rieking l ight was not hing
recumbered was your
laundry tumbled through a muddy field

o mutitud k abla ñoñerías


asliver wwent you
h able knotty
was it off

rimal sou p

s p oon lake yr fortress
shadow cLIMBs mind yr
lloss in wwind stticks sw
irlling on a beach was your
mouth faucet o p en next
thursday dream an p
lunges in a gas can's
nonostril ffog ,use your
,dot ape ,sloven shirt
unended is the basement
wall colla pp sed is the
hole's muddy water

Thursday, May 3, 2018

key sauce

7 people wearing bowler hats
is a silent wind blowing through a
flooded bathroom headache d
rips from windowsill ,outside a
dark red sun setting ,,,leaves ex
plode a tree or birds
)the ear's polyp hears a
stone tongue's water s
leep b illows outlined
syllables hidden under a
rusty lawnmower – misreading
Ivan Argüelles' The Destruction
of Poetry(

of a locked bus is an automated
dentist office the chair a hangar
empty of planes
written on green paper a
pocket of coins and dirt on red
paper a flashlight falls out a window

)dirt fills bathtub
sleeping lawn
bird ( ( ( ( ( (

changed my b read in
habitation change the
liver leaking in my hat
keys gleam in bucatini my eyes
swim and sleep in sauce

even the hills

sea a gape a latch bit
broke a tooth dwindles
in grammar and noisy
ash .the islands clatter
in their steel sand bards
sin mente evaporation a
sleep and reading on the
wet stone lintels

sea ash
a steep truth

Soaked in Ivan Argüelles'
The Unnamed Poem”

walk in the light

foot laugh it
pause and how
L ate leg what's
left a fuming door
dog's paws writ a
cloud a name a tooth
linty in a stung shoe
)same's floaty lexicon(
test of numbered sun
2 one 2 drained he
adache fer mentation
)forking glue a kitchen
drain trap's
sullen mind a belch
faster gas than moom(
)if moon were hair(

step off livid shadow