Monday, April 28, 2014

the shitless

tor que ,l adder wh at
for kstain shshad ows
,ent the sh orter eritis
f lames ,a h alt c
loud or ,n ate the win
d’s ey e ,run gs an spl
spl inters c rashing on the
c locke d own r oof , 
,w as s et o pen a t
a ,dampl itude see ping
,thr u the at tic p ages
,of my neg ckck tw ist up
to see ad...

the seems

crush an sweat ,the highly
one ape resuscitation or
your ,w ash nec k ,th
e d ream tre e so w ring yr
shirt ,its fog it’s ,dime-
like ,as burgers’s ,only
saw jus t he wall a strum of
soap ,of testosteronly ads
of hair and leeches ES
TORNUDO y el cáncer
de mi ojo inderecho el
gus ano del pizquierdo
ven lo que no me han de
vuelto y lo que me llega
orondo ,y me ronda por
la noche ahogada de humo

))) gerencia...

the sizzler

the “H”er sed ,the or was s
lab baloney shining on the
window s ill yr tongue’s H
yr Houch fHlaming in
th brhight mhorning hHeat
.yr Hhand’s blHood’s drhunk
yr oHpen mhouth bhurps up
H’its mhirror so wHat’s you
sahw’s a bHarking a
Harfing a wHoofing
))or what’s drawn upon the wHall

...the suit form’s H...


in xóchitl

épica la




the skins

less lint less lung less
spray it less no more th
an less intentition wh
ere the foggy ham l
int erior will talked
the ham lint’s less
fork head fork lint be
hind not here’s the
fork broke lung cou
ghing up the rain the
l int lo int orcido in
tomado int uercado me
nos reposo que pelusa
men os peldaño que
por cino


the sting

less lint less lung less
lint less lung less lint
less lung less lint less
lung less lint less lung
less li  fog ham nt less
lung less lint less lung
less lint less lung less
lint less lung less lint
less lung less lint less


the scorn

il y aura une table with a
tale a counter of the decks
des rues que disparaissent
where the swelling neck was
looked “where” des noms que
s’effacent ,certain stealth
,dans la baraque ,falling o
ver ,mot pour mot ,needles
de notre passage

                      faire entrer du monde

Avec des phrases de «Baraka» de
Frédérique Guetat-Liviani

the house

upper ham in dented
,what if ended what the
thought ,outer spiel
,apt in habitation ,rai
se yr corn ,the t
umbler worn ,past
the bulb ,yr k
nife pissing off the
bone ,or speech ,a
crawling thing ,plo
tting toward the fork
,remembered ,but was
got  .remaindered sore
,outer cloud ,the
nut half snored

inching ,lifting ,poured

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

the short

sweetness in the plunger h
am is cornered with the
dust plunged in shadow’s
mouth the dripping bee s
leeping on a rugged wall d
ripping through yr dust
was words reinhabited
outside the rippling leg e
merging from my mouth
grotto filled with jars and
water where the legs are
cleaned where the honeyed
map returned all paths
to park

                             the load


el ojo comido

y los sesos del cielo  tu sombra
son el recuerdo con que camin
abas por la calle en que cam
inabas por el camino que una
jaqueca es es un viento de
automóvil ,móbil por la b
risa que la página central
de tu librito es página de
hoja fermentada que tu fé
mur dormido es ,lugar de
piedras ,con texto ,piedra y
habladuría en el túnel menos
pensado ,sesos concientes o
in- ,sesos fritos ,con chile
,con su ajo y jitomate ,)))las
nubes son

y la forma del túnel es  ))es piedra enterrada((


la tina

slowly slew ,when cow
ered in the ,brim filled
tub ,the quad rant limbs’
4 sentidos indicantes
,el quinto plugged ,an
arm upraised de sangre
ahogado ,los ojos ,sin
lentes ,vacantes ,the
dripping wall’s reflection
in the mirrored door’s up
turned al arac on
atreipsed’s waking ,ha
lfway toward the st
reaming faucet the pass
age blind ,the holeless

...spi der vi per cli ent gi ant i tem i cy spi ral...
-McGuffy’s Ecelctic Spelling Book, ca. 1879

el salto




que canta que habla

)))la llave en el


the fingers

you must shape the doggèd
cloud the KNOT lake the
emphysema of yr cat K
NOT big focus KNO T c
loud g lanced KN OT
the faucet rippling in the
night KNOTKNOT usage
information where yr KNOT
laundry clogs KNOT the
toilet faucet K NOT re
flective in the KNOT mu
rror must you KNOT make
,incendio a menudo ,b
lack KNO T fog ))and a
clambering foco

...h iss...

the rolodex

louder hall and debt so
louder hinge inside your
arm debt coiling in the
polar vortex or the housing
index burning in the hall
was motion toward the
river and the itching
index in your eye was
ledger bonfire falling
from the window bon
fire knotted in your
solar plexus solar
plexis was your clou
ded river

...sea ,the swelling.

the sweating lake

short clock LEG the
war ning gas oline the LEG
sock the bed’s dim lint a
faltered LEG snore LEG
itimate clowner in the ch
ained afternoon LEGLEG
crawls from the bank st
ained with plasma LEG ex
halation as the hands click o
ff the LLEG LLEGada ha
,a la puerta LEGG broken
por la tarde broken LE  G
the bloat thieves left  EG
of’s LEGless tripled thief
squirming on the steps



the bring

enter wheeze the water
wind the blobber scam
you bratted in the
wheezy stream en
gaged the spoken b
lob a withered fork a
troubled net a comb
wheezing in its hair

should ,it

Sunday, April 20, 2014

the swells

ACKACK nnneck shorter th
an ACKACK felt the lung sh
ore an ACK an off the
ACK ton sardine floppy on
yr ACKACK bagel what I
sw allowed ACK an swall
ow ACKACK net of eyes
sees it’s going d own it’s
ACKtify it’s ACKtivate it’s
“triple” time ACK T ACK
poking through my pockACK
et emporate ACKACK an
clawing at my lunch ACK
smears the mirror sweat ACK
told the last shirt ACK
or ACKACK or ACKnchor
the sticky change left in
yr pants


la colina

as piration ,the sol
id comb the ,aspi
ration aspi rina f
ading thru the com
b you c hew the
aspirina’s h air the
coughing leg’s raised
before your facial air
o che w the faci
al sing ulation son
deada de tu tos tu
leg al t heft jus
t try to kick the
coughing face

...embadurnado de...

the rabbits

failing this ,yr shorter lout
inhabits will inhabit was the
shortcut layers in your shorts
are inside out was fill with
sand and shorter hairs the
layers will and fountain’s
sand mailed across the g
lobe will burn the hair your
knotted feet were what
lout will say the week
returns the shortest hairs
were what you’re spitting
out yr mouth

“on the way”