Friday, February 24, 2017


health insurance robots bash
the door ow greasy teeth
ggnash out chunks
of face its air was
bloody sand foams in the
wounds you sleep next a
wall ciggy butt your
ear you heard the
nothing with you heard the
sumpin' wit' ,it's mud sw
irling in a spoon your
pen bends leaks your
throat AGE AND FOG
time to spit the
thinning plate a
startled shadow
blood and eyes


page o
s s s s s
o c

fface yr soap

last bites

yr heaving neck a
hoy wut hal fer
said it off in
sides thud hump
a .way away buts
tame when pried
,storm then sec
or after up a drain
.was flast er th
roat in bed was
,beam acrashed the
dock but is was
beats the bread be
,at's a b read

the name then died

Sunday, February 19, 2017


sagis fati cero te's
early ratalert orbent
lu face u fflag re
bate ,geracto clot my
grind erbabblation
karnivalent floods
of lies eat .rocks
cue shord nuts d
ry in epaglireal :ad
normal, tememos el
pulque que vomiraste
has ,ardork dogs the cling
nest c lock clock cloc
k yr rostrum donut
gate inside the
nnothing was a surp
lus wrench ,gaseous
water streams out
the eyes yr letter
thrink in .lettuce
bloody hold yr
ear legumes the
gauges circle the
auges circle the ga
uges ccircle

After Jim Leftwich's
Heisenberg omnivorous vacuum muzak”


the laughter dog will
forced a gating maw
replies was be a
tool demorrowed ,for
micator drew the
joke off will .pull
the ham pull the h
am you snorting's
watch the wallet
after fog will come
las' week .bilge
am mime ,run guff
aw cross the
barking wall

re past

chew the sunk
dog dead f
orK yr


Thursday, February 16, 2017

half arf

build your hatless crash ah
flame enslabulation just
toast yr arm my fingered
wurst it was a dog balloon
in wind trembling :enemanation
in the reeking laundry per
fume ,motor of collabpse yr
memorabble's dust awri
then back yr bloodbright mask

chew yr snore and die

lo dicho

foco flaco ,pens
ante un rrío
's entrance o

whhistlhed teeth dr
ies the wwind por
la ventana sin vent

ana mática la
luz reredonda
órale ,ahbra la bho ca


steep cheese
nose kept
towelled ,ah fog


Monday, February 13, 2017

el huevón

pulso indemne que no me
deja déjame mas púlsame
adrede que no me deje si
me haga ese favor pues
plis .es con can que en los
huevos me ladra can sin
hueso sin podredumbre en
el cartapacio donde se seca
todo ,escritito es y es caneado
ni existe lo ex istente deex
insistente asistido soy a la ho
guera invisible del libro pasajero
por la cueva .nariguantudo
me toca apenas la página
,y saboreo lo chachamuscado
pulsante en mí

Chamufcado fer. Tichóhuia.tiquijxoa.
- Juan de Cordoua, 1578

runes in the flooded street

sea's dice drown an
ear's slept wind a
gland held high toward
a spilling moon ¡ O glass
paths ! writ with
blood a shark's codex
“you saw it coming” on
your knees ,the big rig
Quetzalcoatl writing the
suburbs buried in
locusts and mud ,car
toons of roofs and
parking lots a pyramid
crowned with cigarette
butts and Signs of Rain

this was the prophet of twins

After Ivan Argüelles' “Epitaph in the
Rain” & “Image of Valum Votan”


coughed in the wall's cloudy
snore pierres de nuages
it's where I legless wore
,wore a throbbing glass a
throbbing glass my eye
fell in the wall of
burning laundry bur
ning laundry c'est ma
voyage, voy age in
gested was a sleep
endormi ,sans monnaie
avec des trous invisibles

open the mud's mirrors

on en construit / des murs / on s'enferme dedans
- Frédérique Guétat-Liviani

Friday, February 10, 2017

l'ombre de l'eau

doggèd soap une frontière
invisible cara al espejo
mojado distant blood a détourné
soaked in the book página
de piel escrita con chalchihuitl
il y a un mur troué behind
the sticky sink me ví la mano
en llamas avec des yeux of
nails ce sera la langue
fluttering in the soup before
it swirls down the drain

Avec des phrases de
Frédérique Guétat-Liviani

tiny hands

an orange beast bleeds on a
bed of hair a closet piss and
mice your face contains a
lens a handful of dogshit
approaches I slept a burning
shirt vomit streams from the
sleeves I groveled and spun ¿what
door is banging in the hall? rain
and chimpanzees fill the
shopping center and my triple
sleep falls off the bed falls off the
bed faucets explode in the walls
and the mailman slashes the phone
with a rusty breadknife

lo nadasémico

la literotura me hablaba la
carasémica aaaaaaadormilada
en la tina ay la tina llena de
ladrillos donde me echo
una siestasísmica donde me
echo una siestabísmica
sueños de lihbros ehscritos
con cabellos de peluquería
aaahogadaaaaaaaaaaaaa en mi
nadarchivo donde me
dedicto el sileeencio el
sileeeeencio el

Monday, February 6, 2017

la cara mojada

putalambre sarnamudo tripalado
me abre la puerta un monstruo
anaranjado ,con rictus bucal de
payaso que apesta ,de caroña
pisibilante la cara .un libro
era ,de manitas disecadas y
allí ¿qué leo? ¿una piedra
grasienta? ¿un zapato en llamas?
¿una soga de humo? palabra de
aguas negras era ,con alas de bandera
sucia ,y yo ¿qué digo? la nada
dije ,y el todo que decía es un
escupitazo sin fin

eat the dirt

the cornbled face in
tact was crumbled
mask beneath a
stone the gate's
inflation ,cornered
ash invades your
snore its wrinkled
dust .recloud !re
cloud !nor huff the
half rejects your
marbled race slams
the wall ,Tlaltecuhtli's
smashed asleep

age the sandwich
,your final fork's
quivered mud

was the map of glass

was the rain of sleep
was the inch of linguaphagia
was the gravel in the ear
was the mirror in the finger
was the stone in the lint duct
was the wheel of air
was the eyelid of knives
was the buried door
was the sand in the clouds
was the cup of burning coins
was the pyramid of the echo
was the window in the stranger
was the face dripping in the drugstore
was the ant swimming through the ink
was the sea giggling in a hill

After Ivan Argüelles' “O Vita Fallax”

Friday, February 3, 2017


littered highway embankment
idling truck
load of missles

After Ivan Argüelles after
John M. Bennett after
Ivan Argüelles

sooner shot

plurilactoso I closed my
ears the ants leaked out
,was logs and shoes ,buried
mask the drowned
one swimming said ,was
milk sheeting face .flat
on my back I scurried and
pantsless ,fog≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈
and glue seeped out a
screen on the curb
.immured and loud ,I yelled
at the guns turning a corn
er toward me

open up

lipless gun the
hammered fog
ok you're next


sheet door
hung with poem
ha ha

para Aaron Flores

luzco camisalida ,adormido
soy al pasar por la pppuerta
donde un rerefugiado en la
aaacera se abre el pecho en
llamas .un calzagafas soy con
todojos acerrados ,versojos
mudojos y a mi casa vacía
me vuelvo donde no hay sino
aire polvoroso y un polvojo
ensangrentado invisible ¿el
cielo de piedra se ha hecho?
¿el pájaro de arena? sin aire
me inflo sin luz me veo sin
tierra me encamino con mis
solojos abnegados que me
vean la sábana sucia bajo el sendero