Saturday, January 1, 2011

Huey Ehecatl

bombing the comb wind I masked the
ehecatl forked and tlwisting above the
soup fluttered with my speeding spoon the
crusted hammer fog leaving from the
porch my shirtless gun shredded in the
sandwich melting on my plate oh the
hairless huracán huey atl drying like the

Tzontli Tepetlacalli

such a chewing-fork my tumba
lake atl-less or shirt in’s tumba
spilled the gasoline and shook the tumba
cloud clatters on the wall your tumba
spreads across my bed my blanket tumba
sporked and itchy frogs lurk that tumba
wanders off the roof oh my hair-filled tumba


lumber past the chanchre shore or
tube my raison d’ether inhalation or
a misted turd forgetting in my lap or
fenêtre gargled at my back or
fists logjammed in the littered door or
ashlight mumbled in the soup or
chain my rotting ear with grass or

Fate Too Much

bring my stew bare fingernail I
loitered in the clotted lobby yes I
grunted and gagged I flew I
shuttered off the milk and turds I
voided lungwich curdled on my plate I
spooned the endless lamination snore I
plastered up the window grass I
aimed to sneeze and knockwurst I
folded my tongue and never slept I


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