Wednesday, October 31, 2018


leg mist
time to bark


lunch ,racket
,burnt flies' wall

should and not

should shout should gaze sh
ould frown a gale ahead
the stinging wheels should n
ame denameable nómina
de nonada should race the
ratón endeble endoblado
should rain the highway
should paint the clownmask
black or white should
detrain my shorts to
cloud my pants to s
tumble backward t
oward mi pierna entu
mecida no es por nada ni
por algo que should I
rant against my fork and
spoon should raise the
h empty air to its c ranial mouth?

...bajo vértebras que fugan naturalmente.
- César Vallejo

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Squirrel Sheet

The clanging of her necklace
made her eat a
bar of pine tar soap
without any kind of need
or thought of popcorn
nor punctuation
nor a squirrel under the bed
sliding nuts off panes
covered with sheets
without flowers

Stacey Allam & John M. Bennett 2018

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

nunca traducido

blaboriginal luster in your
sky declension a dazed bone
,rift of speech smiles behind
yr costly labials a sea g
ushing up sleep wandering
through pills and guttural
cuneiform ,hyperstasis or
an armed humus goddess
,why are you confused ?
was yr evening meal overgrown
with illegal memories mean
dered shapes ,ideas in the
eroded mounds melting
as waves approach
,un sueño sordo suena
,sílabos del silencio si
bilante y sosonoro

vowels drown in the wallowing sand

A rebañadientes in Ivan Argüelles'
The Dream of Language”

Friday, October 19, 2018


in hahabits the leg your
din unclouded ,rascible lip
shorted ,knotted in a towel
blots yr fog off with

but esencia's crumbled
sidewalk ,doubter shell
against a crumpled shed
chain a foot before the sill

unveiled the door its flies
take count of your pocket's
dirt streams from yr eyes

oh knotted page on the floor
ineffable sock burnt in yr thigh
yr keys stroll on the rainy snore

Son dos puertas abriéndose cerrándose...
- César Vallejo

Monday, October 15, 2018

sticky pants

long piss' hot pain a cru
x it naft er h ovel )sh( an
air's age a kknack of gg
rabbing at the wall yr GL
ELINE it's thirsty ssoap
yr flange and yfidica
was bhreakage in yr ton
sil ver me or ondo sin
astillas en el ojocancro
.pasmódico sp ssoy ,in the
bloody sea ,beneath yr
throne ,,,)moon and crum
pled pockets(

Monday, October 8, 2018

le noir

the noise the noose the
nod the numb the knot
the name the neck the
node the nuts the nick
the knack the no the
now the neat the nugget
the never the number the
nape the nap the nest
the numb the numb the
numb the numb the numb

plates o' form

the die die suit's a' tune shat
toRe gas a seel Fork you knew
seeper short Quails a nore a
tube s lop time :il visera plus
haut )R. Queneau( mas nunc a
a a Float stinks top uh t able's F
leet stop gas PPP off - Reeams of
ofF - it's duh ham steam Re
foc'd doubble Toad Leg sops
sky Re lease um it's wood B
loomm. S Nake the draiN OUT

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


doub le roof u
n aked ccloud
re baft no r est
er lain en tire

amb an aft a
feed the corn
solu ble w as

sieze fork

should soak sh
m ould re lease
en dure em nost


crambulent issention
b red a do or
lept out or lreft