Thursday, June 30, 2016

cistern mortgage

ignite the eye boil xenophone a
thup glob yr chin dis play re
lentant surplus tears yr p
ocket off was exit yearned
a list of winds ,face the faceless
water piano .tirade ants ,in
teriorate the road yr lapse
gasps reside :inconnection ,li
quid fossil ,pubic toe inhales
your banking sausage .dis
reumembered largess beside
:but's inconnsumate thick
and bulbous ,lettered boats
rotting on a garbage dump

domestic air ,ashphyxiation ,shat opinion

Ranted from Jim Leftwich's
Six Months Aint No Sentence,
Book 176, 2016

cramp verbatim

syllabic early limestone
growl nor face an amulet
of sleep's oily eggs your
eyes or pencil carrion
at at at ata attat at a
rara r r r r r aaaaa s
eductive logic never
swirled yr smoky ex
planation exhalation at
at yr simpering cheese mor
phemes ,ill the ear in
hercoherent dict at ion soup

At-attack in Jim Leftwich's
Six Months Aint No Sentence,
Book 174, 2016

boom fog

if depths of thunder s
tumbled off the roof
was if your cataracts'
great grey lips smoked
their water off if b
uried in the grass'
speech a snakeskin
collapsed a form off
curving toward a secret
air if air were shadow
thinking off the absent
sea if sea dried
mist its flickered
eye should be ,be off

Miasma risen off Ivan Argüelles'
The Earth-Shaker Neptune”

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


viscous books

shirts burn


indemne el cuerno un
túnel es si cuerno la
flauta sea ,en la puerta
me toca túnel sin fin la
cueva boca de lluvia ll
uvia fuente del cuerno
que máscara es .es
faz y puerta ,rumbo
que abre en punto pun
tual .al revés me ppincha
,pinche no llega nunca

in cesante

le gotea el reloj ,pri
mo erizo ,pulsación
pues es ,o fuente ,de
puslabras ,y abre
el ojo al revés .bas
urero es ,coleccionista
de dificcionarios de
sangre ,la multitud
famélica que quiere
hablar más mas ahbre
no puede ,porcen
taje hinchado con
las manos en una la
punzhora o luna in
visible que le cubre la cara

le cubre la cara la
camisa ,conejo sin tripas
que salta con pluma sin pausa


your shoulder spider
looked in to your ear your
ear the hallway with a
bed your severed leg
slept a log or hammer
could the wind have been
the sticky words your
cough forgotten said

Friday, June 24, 2016


peel my black storm if
storm be bloody socks
hurled against a wall
the wall your face con
vects a flung conclusion
if the end a starting
shot became the stack
of bowls falls off a
roof the roof was wind
the wind your shirt
burning on the green horizon

loose luz

luno ,tim e
s escencia
ay plusvalía
,pulsación pene
t rada


boil a gland intention's
ripe suit flacker crawl yr
dead soup's crunch a
cross yr labored anomask
= tie yr mouth th read s =
soiled nul think ,a peanut
hams yr leg yr llegg me
he llegado ,yegua desaliento
con aliento me ahoga que ,c
oiled past my speech

the rinsing clouds re name
the clinging lunch re gains my
cheek's flooded toil
words and pus ,wind
compacted in a grain of dust

Una nube todas las nubes alrededor del ojo
- Jorge Cáceres

rim rem

toil the egg toil the
aisle f lame lacustre
foil the ahahash the
cumbre restless a f af a
n eye the fridge's mask
your toweled light lev
itation rain inside a
bean you shared the
marble kite crashed a
gainst a power pole
uncover all the kitchen
plaquetitudes wind in g
rids or mining's mirror
you laked the slef the
self the fles the elsef
leaps inside a speech m
achine aerae eae aeer
tow rope ripe guardia
repetitious in the craw
led sardine

dry and deep ,horizonte

Sprawled in Jim Leftwich's
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 168, 2016

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


peldaño de mi sueño
con el libro pisé un
can imbécil simply
shadowed with a
fork yr boca knew
,knew the arf ,y
sigo con la mano
embolsillada sin muñ
eca .portal mi
muerte incompleta
era ,que subo ,escalera


d el as

spit out it

drop yr hole yr
off provides ,ennail
the chanchre load empty
pockets shine or shshine re
lease a dark a coin ffllippping
out of sight yr neck writ offoffoffon
light coughing as is falls yr skinless
face .stop the coil phaze the sand
wich maze yr mouth provides

the ceiling shortage

seas crevice there yr
laundry waves fall of
sand lisps down
chairleg blood pooled
floor's camposanto movie
where I kissed your statue's
burning shirts' smoke vis
cous books yr flooded
basement's blind wings
aspirin in a mirror ay
ego egg hair swirled
tub a word cloud's
evaporation cities' sibilant
deexplanations in the cr
acks ,crumbling stairway
shoes disappear

Dampened in Ivan Argüelles'
Disappearing Little by Little”
& “The Door Never Asked”

Sunday, June 19, 2016

ni soy

sonreificar ,lamer ,in
explicar ,ananotar ,cac
oronar la piedra ciega
que te contempla ,órale
en deantes la ,respuesta
infútil que te abre que
te cierra la boboca la
baboquita la beboquitita
mentada por la crónica
ésa ,funestomada ,p
lacer de lo poco que
te queda dicho
.siempreficado soy
,y si soy no soy


me tumbo atrás ,el rumbo comido
un cálculo es ,o caja deamb
ulante ,con una flor y una
moneda por ojos ,me piso pues
el co gote ,intonsa la más
cara o fídica que me ex
plica la grava que en la boca llevo

tus gafas en llamas me rondan


plunger boy ,bathe the
shadow thickens on an
inner page the page a
faucet creaking past
your sight a wallet
stuffed with notes
not flushed .a plain
of sweaty hills a
drone buzz low


my itch compaction fraught
was complex gun enhanced
was porkrind crumbled
in the driver's seat .frogs
and flags ,a knife im
pellant ,face of oil
returns the stare
.bloody shirts fall through
a rain of ants it was

Thursday, June 16, 2016


shatte fazce jour
ney elusion th th

thik papasausage
en ctool thzink

oudter cccl own
hinna bbblayde

Compacted from Jim Leftwich,
Six Months Aint No Sentence,
Book 172, 2016


limits the folio re
volution icecubes swa
llowed in a pock et pro
cessor slab ,is ch
ange missume uh c
lam wound thru yr f
ace obvic storm ru
ling politi com merce co
agu lated fl otation s
law ran cid o Cid el
mío mytochondria so
ur above mut ation arc
ade just brit tle po
tatos pota toes st
opped in the road's ad
verbial pie rats' pun
ished mir ror saw my fa
cial off in half lop
ped off light was til
ted lack plas tic ha
ptic virility dawns in
a sentience fire sh sh
adow xeszew liter
ally in tloughhgt my s
tubby pencillia fr
acked across yr re
ad machine's soc
ial paradgraph my
sign recountant ,fin
gered shadgow

With Fragmentaria from Jim Leftwich,
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 170, 2016

The Mirrorsnake

en círculo ,rodeo y mov
imiento relation yygo lan
guage strewn libre del fi
ero mundo potholes in th
e arrow cristal y hielo par
edón de meat catharsis ás
pero concurso la lun
a transpositio word t
aste pelo a pelo a
mong the sea of boo
ts' espantoso al
arde contradictory w
hole invidiada mu
sa sonorosa deriviti
ve borrowings self-
deficient y otros o
cultos partos' lit
erary burlap con be
llas techumbres de or
o futuristy pro
clamations de mor
tal tesoro baldly h
ollow sombras de cie
lo semic machine de a
mor el centro ufhru
irhguel desiertos ar
enales public beginn en
leche's far pants y an
chos caminos' cerebr
al ash most obt
use sufre el se
vero rostro del whi
pcream torpe the d
awn covers illness bot
tom name de es
pinas secas el at
ambor most obtuse pr
int the nnamme ¿qué len
gua habrá? by fo
aming experience en
la seca región del a
ire's dirt the string g
old en negras mos
cas collective sal
picado by the se
a alquimistas f
rom dirt the lett
er hebras del aire ao
rta crypt habitual an
chors de inven
ción salida del p
fundo's som
atic sign o lelet
ras neck grati
on labyrinth cr
eaks inside the th
ought ,gigant
es más que hum
anos en letras...

Seeing double in Bernardo de Balbuena,
La Grandeza Mexicana, 1603; &
Jim Leftwich, Six Months Aint No
Sentence, Book 169, 2016

Saturday, June 11, 2016


time or f
licker it's
its nomen

flan ,fog


tu huevojo condens ata
me la piernaa más O
fulminado O fon ética
l ubrecada mi alfiler
enters the yolk of yr
eye ay intóónsico ,dual
butt one of the ddots
))sieze the sleep detail(((
, foggy rabbits chew the
writ thing

...centro de la libertad de la lámpara
- Jorge Cáceres


book tree turd tree book
tree book lake book tree
book tree turd tree book
tree book lake book tree
book tree turd tree book
tree book lake book tree
book tree turd tree book
turd book tree book turd
tree lake turd lake tree
book lake tree lake book
tree book turd book tree
lake book tree book lake

Mantrafied in Ivan Argüelles'
Kunst der Fuge”

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


baw ble
k not
runn y 's
not de


rush of nonsense
was I knew the root
white penis in the earth
is dog blinding down
the street my tongue
writ door steel wool
emergent from the
telephone your
answer's lost

eggs and paper

flat urlens thru comb yr
verbomeat ist honly hoil
ni pabper thots less
er's eggk r acked
yr book ,was fid
dling f iddling eats the
pipiano cornered with
a hammer deintonation
)furation of the sglow(
:yr eyes a muscle life
,life in's said obknotted
papours uhn hnNN yrTy
collabpsant eYen nul
eeeeeeeee you's inssaid

incejables de silabear cuchillas cercenadas
- Clemente Padín

Spilled from Jim Leftwich's
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 164, 2016

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


spread the door inside
was ammunition and a
static thunder was the
thick thirst behind your
eye a numb er sausage
white with grease yr
open palm redolent of co
ncrete darkened in the rain

no ví la casa ,ni tus pasos alocados


ecorapsódico el
arbol que yo co

fang o

ped ra

insulsto in
pulsto o



storm fork

glanded moon in wind's
ruins rusted water was
my left eye the right a
mirror thrown in a well
ojo de morfeo no te veo
te veo )see the( pestañeo
de la estatua verde re
volving in a lake grey be
neath the mountain girls
raise rocks tiny spoons
clouds talk from caves

Dampened from Ivan Argüelles'
Morpheus” and “On Our Way Home”