Thursday, January 27, 2011

Escuintle Seguidor

xícara :Џ: neck or floating stem
caca fulminante del cenote :Џ: loot
being :Џ: corn shadow ,white nozzle
foco tundente ,canta lana :Џ: ratón
slob :Џ: plenitud del grifo seco
chock dual )or spelling( :Џ: pinga

Swept Up

● miles of table ●● dormer shroud loop ●
● gash stud bloom ●● business faucet dip ●
● wrung dog cloud ●● drats mine fork ●
● walked off foot ●● bubble time sink ●
● runny shorts dream ●● bust the cowl ●
● boomer thumb spurts ●● at’s the crust ●
● ash crappy spun ●● broom vision cries ●

Grin Grim

shirt spoon lunk //\\ watered past the
cash jerk town //\\ throat of coal
slime light sinks //\\ junks the cloud
drain skylight sound //\\ fumbles through shoe
peeled tongue glad //\\ sawn pocket loot
drops the slot //\\ paw pile thirst
drab and knotted //\\ boil my cash
off basement land //\\ double tomb wind

La De Da

dog at shadow gun my □ beast
line the corners of your □ mouth
drag a bundler up the □ spill
stutter namely in that □ cloud
mime tool sadly throats □ gunship
doody mud your oat implant □ stalling
shoddy sandwich and a moon □ lumber
should I modify the shitstream □ storm


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