Friday, January 28, 2011

The Luck

junk shirt ,dog clot ,mister crashing
down the steps like head a box of
matches filled with cloud and linty
scissors I spell the letter “corn”
uuuu and bite my tongue ,off .the
window screens my hair and that
boiling tree ,whistling sidewalk sp
lits the pocket fulla dirt and
buttons barking barking barking


dung clock ,radish the size of a door
,cancerbo ,lucha ,tentacle rising
from the throat I lug around uh
case of shirtsleeve and ashes the
corners boil ,the corner’s .whipsplash
from the plate of clawing through the
noodles a crypt an adoratorio high
on the steps salpicado de sangre santa
oh Tlaloc of ice dripping in my
face !counted the ears gone back the
enormous root breaking the walls

Abren Se Cierran

calcomanía y mis co jones lubri
cantes mi desayuno ranchero que
me contempla onde el plato fútil
o útil es ,fumado .al baño me
fují ,fulgurante y finado la frente
funesca de fés .roncaba )rutilante(
la llama indicativa de mi lengua bí
fida el ojo derecho que mira
el siniestro y su agüita toma ,a
tragantado y los pantalones en
gomados ,letreros ,archivos de ja
bón ,etiquetas de piel podrida
mis lu)gares del fin se apartan mis(
mis manos mis )manos se

Bloody Steps

the slab fucker states recurrence
fogs my swallowed bu ...tton
shocker b rays awake .the nee
dle needs the sinker thinks
.blazing gust across the dim
lawn the )“yawn”( with bris
tling hair and lint my soup my
chunk my rabbit’s blinking in the


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