Thursday, January 13, 2011

El Orígen Amoxolalli

my looser dehydration foamed be
side the river fulla pages dancing
backwords like the birds stacked to
north or south the reddish east
falls into the yellow west’s my skin
folded in a cave .my skin a
cloud gasping toward the door the
rock suit clatters at my feet my
tightened streaming slashing at my
mouth oh starter water name my eyes !!


tu crin portátil tu fumar azu
carado mis pies espuma y la
caca esa ,caquita ,corredosa ,si
empre líquida a ras del ojo acuático
.mis pantalones dormidos en el
ingle de tu recuerdo ¿recuerdas? sentado
estaba ,con un árbol de chachalacas y
las raíces en el mundo ,en la inmundicia
de lo que he olvidado en tí mis brazos rí
gidos y abiertos

Skirt of Hearts

the nest of hangers soapy with my
lapsid thought my crawling pasta
gristle or your eyesight souvenir
stroking on the doorframe .I smelled
and stunned .crystallized the
saltines and little weenies in your
pocket was the mother coatlicuec
)comb my hands( the neck forgot the
head inside the head the eye out
side the eye the eye


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