Wednesday, January 19, 2011


,mumbling ,combing ,blinking ,crapping
,dropping hamination curdling on
the “kitchen counter” at’s a lung
plain ,where I crocked it out
and clotted inmination at the
broken doorknob saw the sun
glue through .seeping, crowding
,glagging ,sending ,sorting
sandwich whistles on the roof and
foam I nominates ,starts to wipe
it up


the sock cracker you inhaled a
sumptuous a surer thing and
crystalline like coffee down the
windpipe a bag of waste ladder
,te tuerces la colmilla el hule tu
foco negro soñado en la oreja
como foggy throat que entras
swarming ,enjambre de aguas ,sh
irt feathers climbing down the
sky .wriggle yr toes and eat


nodding and nabbing the coat gristled
moon I tear my pants on knife’s
impaction en el ingle ahumado crazee
soupspoon in my waddling assignation
oh yr fondling crumble ,aspirgate
,choppy faltering across the tub
.nor humming was ,nor liver in the
gasoline you wore for sucking chu
panesco ,atortillado ,cumbrefacto
en la tumbita que te pones por las
tardes liquiscentes ,aspirada en
la sopa de luz


the )“the”( lumpy page severs
off uh .crested eyeball on my
back I gleam and slot ,a “text
testis” came away the garbage can
.my risen light neck my crawly
spoonage knife rotting ,et’s it ,ru
minates inside the fuming spine the
starkers cor corpse led leído
es I fold into my lap and read a
leg a butt a toe a hair a single breath


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