Sunday, July 31, 2016

portable X

eye ,flag ,tissue ,church b
rine yr lottery steams yr
,echoed nostril ,shoe dispair
,storms cluster in the para
chutes mark an allergy a
concrete g land ,caligrafía
de orines ,tanto minuto min
ísculo ,sub division of yr
flies away the object's c
rying horse crown­played
,poiesis pork and gleams
outside a mildewed envelope
sorts of paving ,now begin

Manifesto slivers from Jim Leftwich's
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 180, 2016

potable HEX
(The Silver Manifesto)

,echoed nose trill ,shoe dispair
,storms luster in the para
chutes bark an allergy a
minísculo ,sub division of yr
flies always the object's c
rying hearse frown­land
,poiesis cork and dreams
outside a meltdown envelope
snorts of paving ,nouns begin
concrete g land ,caligrafía
eye ,lag ,fissure ,lurch b
rine yr pottery streams yr
dead onions ,tomato mine Pluto

Manifesto slivers from Jim Leftwich's
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 180, 2016
John M. Bennett 7.29.16
manifesto of shivering foam
found in John M. Bennett's portable X
jim leftwich 07.30.16

veil of speech

possessive focus of yr ladder
equivalen ,composit explo
dation sed yr derog modal
sausage wroth ,importid let
ters a monosyllable fo
aming through ,a chicken k
not ,fictive nose ex
pire of fragment's worlds it
is isn't ,shadows in yr
mutt yr er empactic gas
p or book g asp an boo
sot displacement ,egg alpha
bet ,gummittee levitation
dancith in yr dripping
tooth :moist hiss on a desk's
displaced debleeding .crime
the lungs ,rise to the circle's end

Lathered in Jim Leftwich's
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 181, 2016
John M. Bennett 7.29.16

foil of spinach

end possessive focus of yr ladder equivalen 
,circle's composit explo rise to the dation seed 
yr deer rug modal sausage the lungs ,wroth 
,importid let .crimeters a monosyllable foaming 
debleeding through ,a chickenk displaced not 
,fictive noise expire on a desk of fragment's 
worlds it is :moist hiss isn't ,shadows in yr
toothmutt yr ear in yr dripping empactic gas
pordancith book g asp an book of INI levitation 
INI ,gummittee NIN I bet NIN egg alpha I 
displacement ,I slot I displacement ,I sort I

Lathered in Jim Leftwich's
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 181, 2016
John M. Bennett 7.29.16
slithered from John M. Bennett's lathers

class vents

braf elrection illusic ir
rigation's class vertigious
b luster on yr greasid teeth∆∆
.decerebrated fart theocrazy
,slows the vents explulsion ,s
eep of t reason in a
face of flies .derectify ,en
cloud ,deladder what yr
metasnoric shade con­eructs
against the window ,there's
yr denombination ,here's yr
pool of micromange ,sitruptive
hat­fatigue swirls in a
toilet ,week of populitical
disgorement ,spit identity
ah! growling info­carrot de
stinguished where yr dex
posit expustulation's sh
shimmering on yr real cheeks
...onion's illusic blender narrative...

Braided from Jim Leftwich's
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 182, 2016
John M. Bennett 7.29.16

class trumps dents

brag elrection illusic ir...onion's illusic bender narrative...
rig nation's class vertigious shimmering on yr real cheeks
b luster on yr greasid teeth ∆∆ posit expustulation's shoe
.decerebrated mart theocrazy stinguished where yr dex
,snows the dent explulsion ,s ah! growling info­carrot de
eep of t reason in a seasoned ah! growling info­carrot de
face of flies .derectify ,endisgorement ,spot identify
cloud ,deladder wheat hat yr toilet ,week of populitical
metasnoric shade con­eructs hat­fatigue swirls in and
against the window ,there's pool of micromange ,sitruptive
yr denombination ,here's yr yr denombination

Braided from Jim Leftwich's
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 182, 2016
raided from John M. Bennett's braids
jim leftwich 07.30.16

dumpster fire

smoked cage cig ar rested
STRUTS & FRETS the para
sictic lake cough FORKS &
GAS yr pen cil s perm yr
hairdo incineration ,rump col
lapsant barky barky in your di
ced gut's laser steaks ,cr
rlacked pasta ,cheese leering
from yr ass )ASLEEP
where yr hole confusion bill
ows on the giddy toilet lake

a forked page rustles under the table

Lurking in texts by Michael Dec & Jim Leftwich
in Leftwich's Six Months Aint No Sentence,
Book 179, 2016

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


me puse la lenteja en la
lengua ,que la olla era
,ojoboca en un horizonte
incamandescente ,ojaboco
que trago lo que me trae
el viento relojero que me
nombra guaje ,tomo pos la
sopa ninvisible que me
llena las piernas :me acuso
diente ,y mastico la tregua
entre la jeta y mis lentes

...el túnel de mi b
oca con sus huevos
- John M. Bennett


the taste of concrete is the wind of laundry
the name of concrete is the page of leather
the wrist of concrete is the sleeve of ants
the drift of concrete is the roof of shoes
the loss of concrete is the grip of headache
the taste of wind is the wandered concrete
the name of pages is the weathered concrete
the wrist of ants is the leaves of concrete
the drift of shoes is the root of concrete
the loss of headache is the drip of concrete

je mente

“ rien puis-je créer?”

le rien des pierres

de la plume alors

utifutile le

rien c'est un
arbre les feuilles

sriorim sed serreip

incrédule je suis l'incohérence

crapulance sans peur

ruep snas

la boue du ciel
le ciel de boue

en haut là-bas...

teeth mulch

poposmoker popok popano por
POCO pipiano prepoderemembered
“when” “I” deflates the grave led
eechospreech oh rabiorabbits
twitchy in yr dark watch en
in I ninin nnn niiiii mia la
carne rots in theyyr language
sea a “poemyu” yuyu beans
in the wreckingclass ASHHOLES
yr pliopliers retrenched paptato
I was nothing pointed in the
shoe reductuption thindex
I the tolerant torngut I
ni tremblemantic seething in
a generaptor

En un rien de temps
- André Breton

Tlinhking in Jim Leftwich's
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 158, 2016

Sunday, July 24, 2016

wet speech

the face of laundry is a mirror you wipe
the mirror of cancer is a dust you breathe
the dust of ammunition is a gnat you count
the gnat of fever is a word you lent
the word of clouds is a coughing you pretend
the coughing of shoes is a number you face
the number of sausage is a rain you mirror
the rain of memory is a worm you dust
the worm of roads is a breath of gnats
the breath of legs is the laundry of your word

sans bouche je parle

jeje ssuis non y
c'est mimoi qui jje
suiss ono n le lac
crimal l'eau vide
eeeee eeeee
avant toutes choses
le ejej siuss
y n'existe papas
n'existe mais.....




endeble ,fructífero ,a
brazo flaco ,el libro a
boca llevaba ,la fofo
nética aparte de par
te del helador de ham
burgüesas atestado ,texto
de s angre y gus ano ,si
sangre el vacío de la
mano es ,leída desde
pasado mañana ,cuando
las momoscas desexplican
las chirimoyas que al
árbol suben ,para
deshacerse en mis dhedos


aclound aleaff a Knnot a
leave me hhead bbehhind ingastic
jus indispersed the ddream of
mmail's glandscape painting ^^^^^^^^^
innerd's sott rechuck the floor
a crown a clot a sees the d
deeper fog reblinkered in my
shodden soup )degastric R( )the(
)cage redejects( dimblazened in
the mmold rhymes up the wwalll
DREAM OF HAIL swswirly
bbrains the deaftersnore ,c
all ed my spoon a bun a one
a ,scrawlded ccoin

caraculeros de horizontes
- Clemente Padín

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


the root of dust is a cloud in earth
the mind of door is a root of cloud
the fist of corn is a dusty door
the shoe of air is a fisted mirror
the watered step is a mirror of air
the shivering coin is a watered shoe
the name of noon is a shivering step
the shape of earth is no one's name

Reduzido a esqueleto de éter...
- Waly Salomão


sabor de madera si
la madera se abre
la boca tu simu
lacro era ,si es
,fue inmiscuirte
por la fisura de la
puerta en llamas
,la puerta te chamusca
la apertura Caral
y tu tiempo se sopla
por las piedras pir
amidales donde
las banderas de
plástico negro
tosen y claquean en el viento


in cornered mmiirrrroorr
aa fin all eye yr bh
unched negck reflayed
ref layed a bloodsoaked
towel ,frogs die on the
edge of roads the
roads are hands' s
ticky lint yr face
mask wore ksam eht a
wind tumbles through yr
windows reflextive of
the rooms' dark angles

me ví ahfuera me
ví ahdentro ,sin


fog hi neighbor stroke
the gun yr swollen
face receives a nostril
spewing form or for
m of sticky watches
if you watch a gnat
could flee the door a
cough in shape of
air the lunchmeat was
,you the bread and mold

Saturday, July 16, 2016


water a h
am or w ere

a glass a w ind

w w w w w w w w w


in itchy edge a cas
cade falls ,cas
cada lipless was
yr folded eyes
when folded is
yr lurch cont
action wet
comp acts yr fin
gers gorge what's
left to feel yr
face a raging dog
.in ditch's sedge a
case of beer ,empty
but for flies

said fly

yr time's sore wrist yr
ant path's jjaw h
ole where words are
lost if lost the breath
you took was Tormenta
con los OjOs circulares
,circul ulación de las
tardes no one will re
member is the page or
aafterbirth ppuddled in
the bbasement ffloordrain
.what's on my writthen door
,clouds or .g.n.a.t.s. . . . . .

subjunctive earth

on the back of a severed
hand your map of tow
ers filled with rain a
window's spiral light a
garbage heap writhes
with children crawl
to the top la fuente
doble de sangre sin re
cuerdo lengua de rain
and war gasoline runs
in g g utters vines
burn through the tianguis
sendero laberíntico del
olvido volcán
drowned in a lake a
wakes ,water
covered with bees

Me olvido en “Painting of a
Memory of Tenochtitlan”
by Ivan Argüelles

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

toutes les choses sont elles

si tronquées mes pieds si mas
tiquées mes doigts my blood I
chewed si compliquées les
gommes I wrote you with
si déloquées les paroles
updown si imbriquées si ét
riquées yr short fat ton
ggues si détriquées my
burning shirts my sheets
my shits my shorts si dé
froquées si pelues si
trépelues si si farfelues my
farts com mand yr voices si
patraquées yr sleeps si
involues si goth iquées
que je me vois le dos
au miroir la dos la pied la

D'après une liste de Charles Nodier,
dans Histoire du roi de Bohême, 1830

clouds & spears

water fills the wall dis
reintegration ,uh hieroglyp
hic air dust wrote ,blinking
face you long for glass
was burning hair a plain
of scudding wheels turn a
way t urn away lea
ves pound the door tra
nsduced was wind a
round yr neck

Agitation after Ivan Argüelles'
The Poem About the Poem”


lo mismo es ,que mierda co
angulada ,mimosterio fut
ilesco ,si lo útil noes es
litú compacto ,lecho donde
me cago la sábana .por
la ventana un pito entra
,miasma sonigramática ,im
púrpura ,pueril como el
olor del día .me lev
anto sin pies ,y mondo
la almohada del TTiempo


seethe the day if day the
aft a coinage be ,fa
llen from yr hat “aftosa”
dandruff time inhaled a
cough ,were cough the
combrination of yr pubic
hair .hair and closets'
damp cave spspeaks
through's jars ,de
explained yr mouthless
clouds or face corrosion
.was a fork bended
deep below yr muddy shoes

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

moscaquí moscahora

comí perro de piedra sin
pelo dormido en láminas
descascaradas espejos al re
vés tu cara vacía sintética
alumbrada mondada era
sin hueso me vestí del
moscardor de ventanas
mojadas y llevaba lentes
de agua hormigas invisibles
con alas que bisbiseaban
de la luz de la luz sus
dientes de fango


my lunch my foot my
drugged wallet was yr
aspiration was yr
dusthalation was the
crushing in my forehead
chewed the wall I k
icked yr outer pail
rusting in a stream
nonsense paid
was spit and grin

imbecilido ,efectivo ,ahogarse


c rawl away
cacarne muda
b read
inslicives ,sky

inflame the shoe
ov off

sole mud

the coffee dried
eye's rice lake
whiter than air

la nalgaluna
luz vivisible

un sánwish
un quejqueso
un mot qui brûle


bomb com
pact or

spit sh
ines in

Sunday, July 3, 2016


p ol

con flagración

imbécil pues
,órale saludo ,dorm
ida a medias tu boca
no para de expli
car el hablahabla
un viento es ,no
tender la mano no
despertar en el
sótano en llamas


impostule ,forkered ,s
pent of shadow breath was
spalled was said .im
mersive came to sheathe
,left the nnod yr head
indehaled or beats a
centipede against the w
all ,your vacluttered legs
and spoke s .implosive
,placent ,torquened...


...éste hiriendo la tierra, el otro el aire...


aguahueso MONDAR huesoagua


...en cuerpo a las hormigas cercenaban...
- Bernado de Balbuena