Wednesday, September 19, 2018


form's split belt
glass of empty water
your trunk your shoe y
our endless entry mud
≈ ≈ ≈


lung dog c'est dommage
yr graveled steps

shoot alors
dusty wind offa tree

plantic shoe steps
thick thick ,lunge

the bread sat day
out aloud pas rien

soon mortífero
the mortar wakes

massif my floorhead
shoot alors

the suit the mud
the loot the flood

Oh exósmosis de agua...
- César Vallejo

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

o o o

s well en
hancem ent
o ver e h
ole uh hol e

w ould f all un
bed l and d
usty sho e

um bulant re
gar gled
leg s oup

faw dole
no n eck hu
b oil ingk
he ad

pol e doo
R see
p linty
sss ed

kee per m
ist ahn j
ar cragck

seed fog

surge phonetics

mercurial license of body a
float inside the door your
outer ear fainter than a dis
tant boat clouded in as
h fingered lid chews
your pillow's dog mask
waits outside w ait s ou
tside el universo ants
and vowels strings and
eyelids ttorn up d
rift o ff way

Found in Ivan Argüeles'
Coffin Text”