Saturday, December 31, 2011


¿Roberto Bolaño dónde estaba
en las llanuras de Sonora con
un pez descabezado dónde
estaba por los cafés de
Santiago de Chile en el
año fronterizo de 1970 los
litros de vino de arena llenos
dónde estaba cuando el
aire surgía de espigas y
mariposas de una ala sola
dónde estaba la respiración
de humo frío el intento
sinzapatero de caminar por
el acantilado dónde
estaba en el zócalo atestado
de calaveras y flores de luces
y ocuridades de camión dónde
estaba por la escalera de
tumbas y boca que se retuerce
en la calle dónde estaba dónde
estaba yo cuando me echaba las
migas en la mesa de una casa de
maestros allá por el norte con sus
polvos y cabrones dónde estaba
dónde estaba yo? ¿Dónde estaba
en el fango de una playa conocida
como desconocida dónde estaba
entre los libros perdidos bajo la
estufa los libros invisibles leídos
con el ojo miópico de la
lluvia la lluvia fonética y calva?


enter the listing shadow the
crawling spoon the stunned
locker vomiting sugar enter
the steps clattering into the
mildew where a lampshade
growls in the dust enter the
luggage where a book smolders
and shoulders into the underwear
enter the crawling ladder enter
the skull indentions where your
thumb has lost its eyes enter
the comb falling from your
glasses enter the swallowed
air enter the towel you wipe
your ass with enter the
cumbre de los pedos enter
the system throated and
scummy with detergent enter
the scowling sock drawer where
your urn awaits enter the
lather enter the vienna
sausage enter the window
into the whistling deep in your
sailing ear the hissing where the
horizon sinks scrawling into the lake

Wednesday, December 21, 2011



nube de




entrométrico me
quise re
mas no
me desenlumbré

)no me desensombré(

gasus belli
nas tuve

pero mi perro

colapso de
en funf

cielo lacro
bunch of Ketchup ∞paks∞ sp
lattered on the wal;l; o iso
morph and itchess siezing
cape your lawn and ≈mud
walk down the street== yr
grinningῶ burger jiggling on
yr negck “sus desnudas ooo
piedras visten” lettuce an
onionO ,cuernos “de aquellos
montes” aflojados and yr
red an ≈Sdripping≈ shirt .eat
and listen listen

“centro apacible un círculo
espacioso” donde mis migas
echadas sus dientes res
tregan ,las piedras verdes
los platos de bruma fab
ricados y todo lo que veo
mojado es ,dedos que en
la tina como gusanos se
ahogan blancos ,blanco de
mi ojo circunferencial ,co
mercio de avispas que
entran y salen ,radio
de humo sin aire

trAce the ≈laúndry≈ lunch▄box
halfway i-nchy toward the
bowl of coff syrup do•••
tted with yon fruitflies΅ ΅ ΅ ΅
you had lost the wingȜ the
nostril cave of gnats••• your
dead boom inside my tro
users ∏ ah the light was
thready nor my “ch
oice” of sammich= left
beside the burning~ rabbits
.ay Cave was cause e
nough )“donde se desata h
asta los jaspes líquidos”( S S S

My Shadow inchpin clung
my twister to your...o
lives bag a mumbler in the
fruit▓cake where your
teethппп left pathC a
crammer was a so
ck╚ tumbler at the
cave of ~heavy~winds~~
.frogs and ≈clouds≈ a
skylight crumbles off
its cornflakes ɚ just a p░
age of grunty ≈mar,,, son
lever sput ≈lake≈ tered nor
my gouda O bas cough ket uh
huh )bas throat al ~aspir
nub ation~( sieze your claw
ham mute mer≈ stain the ≈c
loud !“lug” moth “nuts and
mango chutney” I rolled my
liver on the roof ▲ the wires
hstreak be strung neath my
trembling ╛╘ shoes .the lunch
jac thought ked up the coff
drops ee pearled ££ on my
ch off in fell ,spar ­
nuts kling on yr thighs

the nod low ding pen me
at strips hung page in
wi |~wall~| nd apes the
shu ]top[ tter ticks ungh
ahgg what melts .yr
che maskK sted vis comb
age unsees what saw
ay what’s passed down
the str or eet or up
the floo ≈neck≈ ded h
ours the clink in ering
my ear rae ruoy

break the saw mule ..dust ay
an bicker cir cost cularity B
my when’s a num dog ber
draw mine led ]gas~ gate sy[
vaseline and su •moco gar a
bowl so brimmed .shoes or
.cru dad mblers s long lou
ching on the sidewalk where
the infin wirehitive falls // and
com grovels mittee‘s lost
in the gut shine ters )más
quebrada cara que en las
ramas duerme(( ( ( )ö(

shut the mo rustle on back
yr negck gri collar stle st
ink iff so anudada ga § y
el por se renta menor y
may al or ]puerta █ ceg
ada[ nor win dump ow
en cagada nor brisa~ thern
stills my sin shoe gle╘ )g
lueless anna ≈sink≈ fulla
m u d

Sunday, December 18, 2011

brack contraption shitting
∞∞off the dock▬ the sw
allowed ≈water≈ spoke
my negck gristle turns
regard oo the cache of
stones●and●bottle caps
your hats ~burning~ in the
corner∟░ toallas rinconadas
o mi smoking redoblado
en la tina Ʊ de mis lunas ((
cumbres▲▲h wrinkled like
my forehead lineated≡
from the leaving ≈waves≈≈ ≈

“hush and õ crystallize”
nor shat∞ asparagus next
the sidewalk where you
rinse≈ the corn and
cower in the ~wind~ )y
our dogged negck( hat
barkfing at the fence
your lip∫ was form or
torn and speaking a
ngles to return but’s
stringing ~~ ~ out like
sneeeze≈ in the final
b r e e z e ~ ~

“sin vïolar espuma” I
in the radishes sat ,lo
mismo hoja que aire
uttered the root dr
agged across the sand su
“bipartida seña” my wallet
and sinking tooth the
flesh was wind ay
“cojea el pensamiento”
embraced his muddy
rake and wasn’t
there nor I a “vago
pie” el polvo en que
desaparece ,steam
and nettle

shape of foam and lugg
infusion age of laun
pleasance dry when so
aking flagged yr foot
“humo anhelando el que
no suda fuego” walked
a head the singulation
wave um cubre broso
coli forma seo sebo
que lo de tu ojo lanza
olvi lodo dado ,eggs
charring in the circ
ular fire

esencialista the ladder I
lungwidth ample against
you shovelled the com
post bleeding its sp
ores or tiempo existen
cialista soy intacto inf
arto ,“negras pizarras
entre blancos dedos in
geniosa hiere otra, que
dudo” y doy pulmonesco
el paso al fango son
oro ,squelching in the
lunch of my thought

,inamoro ,odorificante
,instantáneo ,sacado
en limpio de su culo
,el texto frutal frot
ado he ,con pedre
gosas las luces que
ya comía ,espant
adas ,y la espátula
fogosa al inodoro ech
ada ,donde leo lo
trínseco de mi ti
empo tronado ,la
silla floja y fuerte
de la piedra segun

Sunday, December 11, 2011

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011


labpse napper eh – turn the
shirt lunch clabper forth
the sodden one the left blo
wer scrabbling in the weeds
its wilting hotdog dragged
down a hole ● the burdock
looms .your tested finger
canapé ,grinny like that
“green obsidian calavera sp
lashing in the ≈ soup”

your snake your woundup
eye your lashings knot
ted in the viscous lake ≈
your brain ῷ thins in your
pants brimming with the
hoses stuffed with dirt
ﮱ so loud my ants my
trotting off a ,wave a
,snarled one a ,:::dusty
itching where yr ear once was

do I sleep or wait


“endotomático” said .corn ::::
soaking in the toilet ≈o↓ drink my
crown please .the phase sug
ar burns ~ beside your cell
phone damper than my
wheeling schnauzer so
narte pues .combs and
rattling lockers ,colec
cionista de calaveritas de
ö hule y agua ≈

,shorn ,legged ,tronado
,mictmizturanza en el
cuaxicalli donde te
has la leche tinta to
mado take the b
orn the ashlight the
looping tongue beside
your stormdrain ≈ ra
ise them scarlet molars
to your light yr dragging lips

“...and drag your suitcase across the field”

Sunday, December 4, 2011

bruma del norte

e is

un mu
n do
rm ido
jos de p linto


,,s angr,,
el cal


my nut back felt
topiary ڠ
jer king


stink the half half nos
● trill nur fo

“evil” haw j
est fucked

his empty eye

the puddled ≈ lamp ¤ grazed a
glass cadenza crashy like
my vision egg your duffel
loop flattened ___O_ botch
.hum p en surance cave
fulla turds .● the dog
bomb rustles in your for
ehead and what my gg ash
es tiradas cantan por el

la comitiva de puñeta ,len
gua menguante y mis por
celanas wrinkle in the tub
fulla cottage cheese it’s
just the lake Õ last year
,cuajado como calend
rio and my mucous con
grats my sleeve =• so
I sleeping was ,in the re
membered sleet

“...was rice she’s squeezing in her fist”


the lurching tongue the
lack snore the tubs of
churchgrease plodding in
the rain my sack gut re
leased ; ; ; yr door spoke
)loss of shape ,a mumble
guttering ,a plunge slot(

chainlink nor ,towel to
tal ,mice an blood ,a
a ,the stop fister g
randed in the filth
lake .your soon puz
zle ,pizzle of the
foggy road


Saturday, December 3, 2011