Monday, October 19, 2009

Accidental Discharge

raw pants I numbered ,bags of lentils
,mines and streams ,the dribbling lung
foghorn shuddering in the distant hill its
cuadrupedal staircases thirsting for the
door I hitched them up .my bunchy
shorts my wrinkled belt my cloud re
call lagging in the metal time the gleam and
stung spill lurched across the “floor” .the
ashy whine my ear details the flooded
suit and shooting off my mouth .oh my
cash and time my muddy loot and fear !

Tumbling Fist

tumbling past the crumbhole lubrication is
my faucet complication sandal bleeding
thumb I crunched inside your shoe I
“walked” astride the rail gleaming in
your foglamp pissed against the tall
crumbled leg leaning on the throne
)ice cramp( a pillow of yr head I
named a ball .nodded it and furled
the spear toward you ,isolation in the
stands the banners dripped with
smoke my grumbling mole flossed
beneath the dumb stream I lunched
the nail steaming in your damp fist

Puzzle Rut

rut lake ,mute molt ,clapper falling
rut and stung my shoelace strangulation
rut around the corner of my facial
rut cloud dangling from a log bullet r
ut pencilled like a coughed word puzz
le booming like a train the dog puzzle
sleeping in my shirt the needled puzzle
smoke trashed across the kitchen puzzle
ham door ambulation grins a puzzle


dunker le
dawn ape





shitty bhench


logor naybor
or lunk

bang banngg


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