Friday, October 23, 2009

the dog dug meal

unster nam
esa nate
essa nor


radda cuute
lob gumm

comb core

slob mister

the hung gun the
drag seem
cros dock

hug my shirt

lib nur

age of hum ham
notta knotcase
esta taem



dorner mate
my moom tool
lob stir

hang the faece


mudder ,fork ,g
as sock breading
slaver net the hole
gone grease you
uh ,me


slosh past ,crawl find ,tub mental
loot swirling in my mud room taller
than an ash my clipclip drying
gasoline and hind my comb .dust
lakes ,my rush slashed ,my dried
club booted toward your “face” was
that a cash slip burnt ?the foam
takes hush ,the faller suit the “place
of glass” splinters in your burning cave
a hallway shrinking in your sandwich
tossed and fast a foetal lunchmeat
saved for years


gut and sky ,nose and loot ,morph the
ratleg coins you gravelled in my pocket at’s
the tumor foam ,yr cloud clawed ,yr
itch my mighty gag an rent the nut fun
gus layer .best to dorm an attic ,the
quicker sleep ,thicker than my fattened storm
my chest flayer nimbus sent to nag .the
nightly ditch the slaw mound the shone
rumor locks my ravelled hoarse my
suit ,clothes I lie in’s rut and
choke my feet or are they yrs

The Short Count

shape of corn lumber I detained the
corner squirting sawdust ,stop my hat
,cage grunter told my snore to seep
.saw the bark splash saw the tower
grinning with its shiner full of noodles
,endless ,ending ,o my staple storm
slumber ,rain and shirts just clocked
my shot page the blunter door keeps
barking ,lashed and glowered ,thinning
with my time dulled strudel .the
spent table burnt and numbered


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