Friday, October 9, 2009

Co Mer

n ag an l unch g runt an dou
ble nap kin it ching in my amp
lentitud de as falto de as pecto
a d onde onda mi ondina frag
r ante la caca .s aid I
bur bled sa id I cam e sent
imiento du al o trip le aún .my
hou se l int my dam p el daño
my ori ficio my off ice my
glue less ion woun d d .o pen
yr mou th at’s c raw ling to
ward the floo ding so up

The Dump

the nested rabbits in your thighs the
cornered lubrication of your issue ,tops
the lentive tissue what I crystallize
,booms of north by lamination .try
to fix the lisp the center thinging
,ports and closets ,amps my stu
tter oh off off neck !the
greying river floods my grease
and numbers file against my
neck your stumble back your
pile .steaming in the crumb
ling dawn

The Fall

back the rake headless none
or the ape rafter things .luffed
or snorts ,grime to go lay the
raft past closet blinker ,stunt
macaroni in your cap .the faucet
flavor ,the crashing drink edits
in your fallen pool a carcass grins
and doffs its neck ,fruit of
splashing in the last lapsed
coff .my age of sweaty shirts
my hand of dropping ants my
towel falling through a cloud


numb an er an

daw daw


itching flame



so handy you

so so



bulll nor


the crusted flood

the gat

o nigh fog



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