Tuesday, October 20, 2009


my nek yuk
dough dough
flog shape


traw my brath
yetz sa
id the catt

ha w


fascial tongue
blap suit

neverr nnever shappe


jake jack jerk
eh eh
try to


nurk an
belt one

to the breath

best (p)

desk tie


Muddy Skull Ring

in the milpa saw the stalks bristle
with my itching back around the dum
psters where my sleep inhales .the rot
ting lumber bright with ants and butts my
frothing sleeve inhales the glare rising
from my oily shoe thumps a cross the
alley where my dimes quiver in the as
phalt buckets boil and screetch the
corncobs hustle on the ground my tal
king gristle ,pitching sack and clumps of
sound my feet details my clotted sl
umber night “of chance” and shuttered
cloth and bees I stared “and knew”

Mr. One

rant and mount the cover of your
heel Mister Runny at the lake of
eggs rolling blisters seething in
your hair that icecream in your
shorts flickered on the door
way of stomach flation in my
wallet fog added to the hairy lens
my “thought recoils” dusty legs
I angle neath my chair my pants
and counting

Blood Neck

neck flobbering at the stalled gate my
neck glisten plunging toward the gravel
neck sinking in the loss of tooth my
neck rubber paged and crystallizing n
eck boils and boils a soap of bloo
d muscle rustling through the falling shirt
rice dressed with mould and blood
tunnel clacking with yr belt of stones blood
smoking on the mirror you saw your back blood
numbers carved into your butt’s blood


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