Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Templo Uno

lipid application ,gun tomb ,melt my
sonograph your portion smatter
,pulls and pouts ,meat tied on the
mast .the glow slong cooking and I
aped the smoke .some buzzing
forkination ,gas an tuna ,tombs
bobbing up in riverine agrícola
,the macaques and fogs the
howling en la selva ,diente de
chaac gleaming at the sun rides
up I felt the tires in my
pockets the foam scribbling at the
corners of my mouth and I numb
erred and combed ,left my
hash dribbling on the steps


the blustered wall the plenty sickened the
nodder hunched beneath the sill oh clammy
syntax ,loiter breath ,bucks an noodles
fattened on the floor !the portion flow the
“graspèd ash” the knowledge of the nut
.trunks or bogs what drinks it all or ash
contraption mist at’s me .so beg the luster
mortar for a quickness ,or a fodder lunched
beneath the glandy hill

The Long Flush

number hump lamp gristle towelettes
wadded in the coffee cupped your
lip my bleeding mole .the upper
frog sky ,damp whistle ,offal
streaming toward the hole my gland
.the fogged tool the crunching dict
ionary torn beside your throne
.rug and neck ,the sandy pool con
tains your face my giggling with
a hammer .oh nuts and tossing half
the bones across the track


sooner crapped than toweled soo
ner named than seen sooner
foamed than doubled soon
er crawled than slept soone
r paged than burnt sooner
stormed than nodded soo
ner lumped than issued soon
er crawed than mumbled soone
r palped than poisoned sooner
gushed than laddered so
oner phoned than lied s
ooner plunged than comp
licated sooner piled than
gated back the sooner stunned
than under stood


reef of caterpillars ,foam of ear air
,blasted neck and comb across the
room my leaf flitter my bombed
leer fasts – edge of swallow – fogging
in the cave’s your boiling hat my
bub bled eyes your fal ling mask my
stairway rises to the muck it up those
clogged thighs freaking in the gas sighs
beneath my chair my floated leak my
tune sucked behind my head


half the

clash scent

use knack

ah my ,uh

lentive gush


knuckle lamp
or head
gristle suit
throw the half
just runt


doubt and lunch
fill my ray
test neck


hue an dry
apse stinker
the faucet’s shape

puzzle lung
oh crash fistic
boiler tomb

crust and nod
blink and spill
lotsa aping

yes it’s no
yes it’s crumbs
yes it’s towel drip

shaping the sots
“pill” you think
cod lust

bomb foil
list of ash
hung and guzzled

nape closet
ink collapse
my gland knew


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