Friday, October 16, 2009

the thumper

dong core
ah eh

who kiill

sure was

floppy “one”
more uh

you tooty!


trace the tranq
paw pall

bread the sheet


in my mattress a phone in my mattress a
loaf in my mattress a growing wreck in my
mattress a cow covered in thorns an ear
of corn burning in my mattress in my mattress
a fork and pie in my mattress a ladder of
teeth in my mattress a lobster sinking a
coin in my mattress a boiler a crystal a
pile of socks in my mattress a doubling
rash and a cinderblock that floats in my
mattress a gun and a coin in my mattress
a toothpick and a grain of sand


butt slack ,claw drawn map buttered
with my ear a horn and excavation
,long mice scattered in the wind .mighty
dots and lung ,tape me off ,folded
shorts forgotten in the furnace cloud
s my gnat gregation ,boiler clue ,drum
meter nested in my foggy soup .I
aimed the pail my screen licky one
,border crime ,inapt or ,cornfled ,mó
vil adentro ,gore of air I named your
pantalón “my gristle”

La Nariz

tuerca ,tumba ,túnel ,tambor in
finesco de mi caca incandescente plu
mífera y sondeada mi casa alumbrada
adumbrada ,tómame el pelo rutilante
el cristal de mi hondonada tumbífera
cloacada .tentación y todas las tos
tadas tentativas mi ojo derecho deri
vado lo izquierdista olvidado mas entro
espiralizante y muero en mi día inicial la
peluca de mi olvido recordado un ajo es
condido en mi oreja

Dog Dog

dog an ice map an boom shore an blink
gas an time shrub an beak fog an rice
neck an slug mile an belt thorn an seek
crust an mute flag an file bun an crack
crack an bun file an flag mute an crust
seek an thorn belt an mile slug an neck
rice an fog beak an shrub time an gas
blink an shore boom an map ice an dog


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