Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cloud Change

change the lap clucker change
the gripe thinner change the
tongue scanner change the half
screwer change the door breather
change the tub dribbler change
the cow smoulder change the
bug stroker change the clock
digestion change the sat forking
change the loud tuber change
the ding matter change the
stink wallet change the pee
sensation change the shoe clouder

Wind Hat

so busy ,nor was sleep nor
,blang tested cough seems
to ,age the finger ,glop
knuckle in your focus “stance”
luggish falling off the roof
pile of rubber .what spee
ded past the door I wet
my hat and single nickel
skims and sinks my eye tur
ned off and sand stings the
back of my head


entered the tome uh tomb the
sticky walls the lung bat hung
thin mice trembled in my
pockets with a dime a hair a
broken knife .my steaming
pile .gash the phones your
louder itch contains my
peed felt squishes on your
chair oh icecubes I re
membered ,crust in time
,plenty shadowed in my
armpit where the rain
begins a buzzing on the
horizonte tumbinfecto tu
mirada que no ve nada o la ve

El Cuervo

flee the face profusion knot
the incline clockage where
tu cara se infla regordita
recordeta o mis nalgas en
tu gorra “singular” that thi
ckness lay beneath my shirt
.spun an doubled ,pawed
an dried the swarm tried on
,what I plucked your hands
that screeched for me you
frayed inside my throat
you cawed for me


from crust to crust that lapper
gun floats your gloated gristle’s
just a tiny suit sinking in the
wind .nothing’s single just a thought
.my ear snakes scatter my
shifted clot pedals toward the
grinny plate clown I ashed
him to .“fraught” “with” lithium
grease gleaming on the chairs I
sat and bubbled ,chewed the
eyeball in my shorts


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