Thursday, June 25, 2009

Old Soak

oil and lumber ,something t
urning ,my sagged slab face
hushing through the minute’s
spoken grit hisses in my
shoe where I was stan
ding in it sticky ,thun
dered ,silent like a br
ick layered on a brick
o soga de polvo inflada
como mi ojo indistinto bu
ild me a grease collapse a
flavored rain ,a sight of
soup falling through the trees


.droop .met .meant .spore .sog
.clam .dink .chudder .slag .slop
.sot .do .spraddle .cloud .droll
.or .drool .whizzle .dunk .mute
.bomb .sum .mound .dank .short
.loot .blew .nots .crank .slaw
.sumba .dot .meddle .snore .butt
.fortress .cover .sank .less .did
.miss .the .face .quiver .hosed


teeter and oughta spend I ough
ta gag an truck your sizzler
stunned group pizzle ,kinder
sudden ,napping next the fridge
,a boomboom a ,peldaño sordid
with my ruff an hand .is sue
.kno ck .cla p .bust le gla
ndish snoozing .forz cham
er sham bles my nick gleams
:ist that’s wha sandles off my face

Save Your Spoons

said the neck stalled outside the
soup what ,fender crashing on
the door my swallowed towel
.I didn’t open the fridge nor
even thought ,apt to ,summer
rot ,flashing vertebrae under
the flaming table the ants
flee the drenching books an
I ,uh ,bilious ,flaking ,sto
ny shoes crashing on my head
.the age of nodding age of
shitting on my hat floating in the bowl

Slot Ham

duck slot top slot om slot tool
slot apt slot nut slot force slot
chew slot dog slot bore slot ash
slot mote slot pyre slot boy slot
mind slot how slot run slot runt
slot tore slot meat slow dowel slot
map slot itch slot hum slot peel
slot org slot mould slot clot slot
dual slot slime slot sore slot tense
slot bill slot knack slot huh slot


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