Tuesday, June 16, 2009


or I gut the maps an listed
you to shamble me that’s
guts the flap-sown driveway
where my hand hidden sleeps
.the loup of ,negck of ,dribp
of ,and or what .that shivered
red line my eye exudes
,crawling toward your arm what
thrips in bed ,my comb my
key my hot soaked stone
that flocks ahead and stobps

The Rodents

I used my knot an locus col
later the sulpher fog streams
against my window where I
bought a breath where I
tissued forth salami an a
lunging coat .the meated sky
my flavor ditch my fillup
coughs an farts the fielded
edge those tiny eyes gle
am through the weeds


slipping laughter ,green beans
dark with mold the fridge a
birthing bed ,or cage ex
halation trust my toilet
paper to find your suit so
aim to crook me off an shine
.rift my head my crusted
loot after all it’s .busted
game ,where the pages burn

Door Stone

so I stood before the heaving pile of
books I ,was what ?it was ,a
broken table and lightning bugs a
bove the weeds the long taste of
storms and louder ladders ,rake
my throat .the steaming heap the
thought in too heads at once ,a
nostril twin a slower face be
fore the fast the steps were
deep in mud .where my recol
lection dripped from the lintel


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