Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ape Gun

ape nor clot nor peel nor rut
nor runt nor heft nor sat nor
gash nor bill nor loop nor ice
nor loom nor lobe nor cancer nor
flock nor time nor lump nor piss
nor luck nor coin nor stank nor
pile nor float nor feet nor sleep
nor tomb nor mud nor lot nor
flick nor flic nor crash nor fake
nor brink nor broke nor thumb nor
loot nor hole nor mote nor gun

Caca Nada

ni caca ni coco ni lámpara ni foco ni
sopa ni sueño ni tumba ni trance
ni cristal ni senda ni susodicho ni él ni
tú ni submarino ni bota ni longaniza
ni ventana ni sorda ni calcetín ni tornillo ni
loco ni susto ni modo ni listo
ni tiene ni sarna ni flaco ni dolor ni
doble ni suéter ni soga ni chupa
ni fornido ni lago ni luego ni luna ni
triste ni fulminesco ni tula ni chopo
ni subido ni lodo ni luego ni nada ni

Sleep Groom

a yield of domes across the
street my ball lost there my
heavy flower boils beneath my
gaze my throat is coughing
,spoonless ,showered with sand ,a
knife a kite shimmers on the
wall where a window oughta be
an my stomach thunders .wave
on wave the trucks glow by
,gouts of light my peeled
comb tosses in the sheets

The Loaf

the tiny guest your sandwich
seized the mighty rest you
need )or think( what’s tumb
ling through my suit’s a
stony tongue a stroke of broke
timbers lumbered in my pants
.oh ouch oh ouch oh ,hop it
off ,your finny drizzle lubes
my fissure where the clot lungs
in ,towered and mumbled ,gri
nning in my lap an earless head


fatter clock ,mumblese ,rain your
sugar in my leak my boiler
neck grasping all the growling
armpits fumbled in the soup gnats
.pricey was ,and kippers ,my half
honking double spaced the tines
,ate off it ,crocked the slap trou
ser – ape’s a name – buzzy like
,yr focus stamen ,awful ladder
,strong nap I soot ,or lathered
lock stumbling ,named your streak of
toiling in the loop .lucked a locked
,and spotted up the sleeves


the gland fog nomination de tu
sorna ,pulmonesco ,throtty lec
turned the snotty places grinned
in rows of necks .fog age co
ming ,nights of open cans glug
glug an my nostrum nostril my
hand log glomination orinoso tu
zapato foco list inhaled
doubtless clotted in my faces


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