Monday, June 8, 2009


base of corn ,toweling and a
spitty beach the thunder leaves
,a cob bleached and vacuumed ,em
pty ,doubled like the air my
shoe brimmed with beetles or
was that my foot ,scratch it
off .in the museo asleep ,las
chácharas la grasa el pájaro mor
tal sin cabeza el lado de mi
número inumerable la chispa de
mi raíz beneath the trash


dung shadow ,lice lens ,cluster
steaming where my thumb juts out
,the crispy guns the ,epsom faults
drain my eye bristle the flaming
cage ,wobbles across the lake or
)“shades”( testive writhing in my
stunning hole I slept ,densely fat
tened bright as a corpse or
spore taste of the hinge to come
in that darker spot ,a tool ,my
swimming mote drops off my tongue

Haw Spark

try your cat dungeon land
my apallation at the
bunny pool your lighter
squeezed .my dunk log
ic is .teste .thumbax
.the muddy key you
chewed all day to
fallopian teeth )or
mildew( blustered in
the gassy hall where a
tiny flame


I jeered I fogged I
damped the lumper
in your tuna salad all
the gauges popped their
needles .fawed the
dingy crawlspace I
rehabit like a cuke
.iceoline yr liver half
ash raise the sandwich
to your ear


wait an file .buy a
thing .trunt mine
beagle .“upper long
soap measle” .it’s
a stew thinking ,it’s
uh .fortress miracle
.buncha sparrows in
the mailbox .seeping
gloating framing .kno
ck the clouds off you
)or shutter off your leg(


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