Friday, June 12, 2009


the tiny lago you contained the
dripping corndog in my hat the
cloud nozzle rolling through my
gate where ,news and noose
fry and fly ,uh clamor brinks
against my lob heart my sli
pping form my flat taste blin
ks or thumbs the rope ah
crawling gasoline ah sink numb
ered with an arm !dry your
belt for me and page the
written weather with a knife

Shred the Casement

days of hammer robbing so I’s
rolling in the tent the sheaves of
rust bouncing off the roof was that
I stopping not stopping ?the
drink flame I whistled watched
a vacuum fill the parking lot some
thing buzzing in my shoe I
walked away .the trouble gris
tle in my leg the sheet of glass
bends before my face a wind
whispers round its edge

Bread in the Basement

reach the dust your puzzle croaking in
the sandal full of mud your foot meal
sticky corn squandered on my flaccid
lip that smoked your name was you a
,pendulific ,doorknobbed ,floaty like a
gristle spat into the tub mi canto
thrown mi leche dribbled in yr
sobaco fragrant with a spoon .dunes
and nodules ,a greenish flame climbs
my basement walls my books down
there something foco or was tubered
?hostile thumbing at the sewage stack

Look up Look up

so I fell between the buckets full of
dirt and spiders frayed up at the sky
a crow was crawking past I felt the
crawling on my neck and chewed a
single leaf it was a pit a third a
stick flaming in the soup I forgot the
sandwich twists beneath the sink my
clacking head pried away the mildew
suit an empty hanger freezing in the
closet where your dripping hat disappeared
.sprayed up at the clouds shaped
like eyes or lunch or doubled some
thing )waffles and carburators( )rice
and teeth(


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