Monday, June 1, 2009

Lost Sock

slap on the nut and cracked
my soap mumbling past the
sink o lavabo sunk beneath
my bed I dream yr crusty
hole yr rusty backside
shudders in the dust .apes and
corn ,something waddles in
the basement where my fork
was cleft and ashy towels
crumble in the corners .age
of leakage ,it’s “only” air’s
what’s left


seeping an drying the basement
slaw damage clumpy lap my
indentation words silken and
rotting .the phase sugar craw
ling at the drain my eye
my lung my nostril ropes a
sauveur le néant ,a stluttering a
cuspidor a sodden box of books
what’s open to the smoke
and speeding night sky

Cold Hat

bap an slab ,occulate ,the
hammered flight I issued
froth yr tonnage grunt a
mile an sash ,cluckive
,nlumbered ,dobbled whatta
smashwich shuttered in my
shirt your lobes .the doc’s
a gnat a fistive vision a
tuber or tumor ,icy in the head

Fell In the Tub

the whistled bush the nutty lamp the
crash coughing spinner above my
sardine plate it’s indication wheel
it’s throbbing pencil deep be
neath “my roots” ,huh ,stubby
one .the lashed beet’s red
air the muddy floor the
clotted explanation of my
fewer or fever .self an suck
oh chewer at the floating arm


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