Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thought Drainage

found and coughed ,tugged an
rinsed the slope duds off
it’s all a ,tube inaction
,flogging the flowered face
.core pincipiae ,rat her
tulip greasing through the
rows of columns that
foaming bowl’s what
stinks .so I crawling
through the mall er mal
the skin the petals drying
in the gutters where yr
“thought” spreads out

Lump Storage

the shelf nuggets in my lug
gage collapse the came out
side my lathered neck ,with
mower oil ,typeset where my
eyeballs crystalize the
bottom of the cup oh chew
it out yr bolus bouncing
cross the kitchen’s skated
gas where my lint faucet
blubbed and tinkled in the
night your lastname whistled
,out there the windy street

Time Circulation

the drool door slung back the
outer ear seized my cob
and rolled away a sticky trail
gleaming in my flashlight bream
I “fell” asleep .chewed some
dice oh knobless passage to
what whirled flooding in the
basement where the clocks
are spurting blood my
)key and stringy throat

Right There

the hash usher grins .the toast you
wipe yr ass with the gutters
bright with flame oh starry
night o tar and sight of brick
implosion stable me and lock
my throat please don’t .the
fog “doubling” .“trust” a toilet
and your steady... across the
parking lot they breckon me

Them Clots

loose jerk an dangler like a
fly sleeps and buzzes in my ear
I see the twitching hairs backwards
.the pillow smokes and writhes
my hairdo swirling in the
drain’s bright cash lamp the
closet floor the ashy noise
leaps into my shirt dottled
with my throat condition at’s
a boy ,just sluck it out


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