Tuesday, June 9, 2009


clung to the porch in that big
wind and watched the spiders
fly what ash was left I
wallowed not never thinking
what was thought a wiggling
was and broke the legless
table where I slept and sought
found the hole flamed my
ear and drizzled in the dark
was that was “where” the
pencils strolled beneath the house


stops to knot and drivel where
he where I ,ept to shrivel
an me sinkhole guzzles ,slate
of pustules with the soup .proud
powder lamp retraction of for
gotten light what dries out
side’s just gravel .my shoe
ton my gash switch my
tolerancia fundida en los
refritos con que termino


so I flung the bubbled roll out
side the flooded basement “where”
my voice was cracked my
“your” or toilet salad pres
sed into a bagel .the rotting
rice your face retained a sp
eech that lost its lens or
muddy tooth that woke be
neath the mountain of your
truth that I was dry .dry
I washed the eggshells
shattered in my mouth


the busted arm you pistolized the
tumor sound you stammered what
my folded eyelid dropped into a
bucket thick with stones your soapy
wristwatch shatters on my wrist a
splintered stick reached into the
mud .“flies and time” oh hah an
haw dumbly gargled in your
letter .the age of thunder dries the
lip of focus turns and bites the wall


so i plowed my lander toward
the north and pistoled all the
hands the light was coming
up the ants were waiting in a
heap my couch cenote thinking
oh sinks above the trees the
faucets verdigrisy let out a
sigh my gripper suit scum my
fog born sandwich filled with
shells so crunchy raised before
my eyes my eyes were pools of flight


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