Monday, June 29, 2009


fog mutt ,spotty wall where
my letrero simpers in the
fascia cloud collided where
that crow shits there ,luminoso
,folded with aaa tripled
eye what sees a what .roo
m an b ark ,lock stink ,mo
ck rattle cornered in the
gloom the floor a single tur
d n divino ,blow the r
oof and count the sky

Drive r

I bit I peeled I doubled back an
tripled what ,borderlined ,straw or
legs shimmer across the field a
crow flying like a leaf in wind my
mask wings off my inhalation
of yr grumbling throat a scissor
shifter ,crawling sleet or sleep
,o pounded meat !lurking in the dus
ty pantry a skin I lost ,clo
ty like my membrance thumb my
toolless faulting where the car
has stopped

Forest Reflections

the bubbled corn doggy style my
yellow pool rises in your shorts
ay dot comb sailing on the
roof .ointment ,gasoline slee
ping in my tub .bury the phone
in a hole of water ,beneath yo
ur chair my misty sweat will
shoulder you my puddled shoes
my double howling monkeys
crashing through the trees I
see my mask my pants are dropped

St St St

the sprayed corrective ,nozzle
hoarder ,butter an ash the
limper dawn encroaches lack
my slumbered shirt all rained
.it’s rumbolicious bright wet
crawling ,clever the same an
issued froth a bombing poo
l .coldcuts layered on my ton
que I buttoned off I ,slid
,brayed ,flayered the flag
of my coughing snore my
uttered hash and whimper


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