Monday, June 15, 2009


the neck luggage dropped be
hind my hair and I could
stunner see the ,sugar bur
ning in your eye ,flocked to
face the wreck bubbling in the
street the air was dots an
hummed .I strode to you I
clocked an bumped you felt
a furball in my pocket with
the crusted coins I “struggled
with locks” and gunning “knew
my name”


I floated off the cusp an nailed
I scrambled off the dime an used
I muttered off the wall an cried
I slathered off the pool an shipped
I clustered off the doubt an grinned
I meated off the cloud an dimmed
I gathered off the dogs an swam
I lumbered off the sink an blistered
I jacked off the couch an wheezed
I folded off the tank an geared
I sudden off the tomb an grew

To Do

my flag door filled with flame my
- “what’s known” – floppy an filed
.the written wrist I chewed you ,soak
,dust ,savon d’urine ,long map shre
dding in the wind .plusvalía y tus
cordones anunados sin esperanzas the
whitehot knobs bouncing down the
steps my single shoe brims with
,recuerdo de playa ,sal ,la bruma de
mi oreja derecha y la ola izquierdista
.my severed shoulder dropping on my list

Shut Up

days of stubble at my tongue these
where I ,could you shave at off ,wh
y blistered dimmed I me sandwich
chanchered with a paperclip was sorta
chewy and it squeaked .I dropped my
growling in your ashes coughed up dice
oh steam and lung ,your dewy leak
your shot towelling )my cheek frayed(
troubled with some gas and tiny
spiders your moving periods but


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