Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tongued The

the fire ham the neck shoot the
dress pill the lube fan the tore
pen the dart meat the lab drip
the gosh bum the lamp turd the
shut flag the damp pretzel the too
mute the dog sag the pile reek
the under thought the bile fuel the
map leak the dim bowl the said
glop the cute flood the nod tongued


flick the sugar in your ear
time the sugar in your wall
change the sugar in your gun
mine the sugar in your ham
fold the sugar in your gums
name the sugar in your wallet
pile the sugar in your tomb

Tentar o Comer

eat the star in your culo
eat the stopper in your door
eat the cancer in your thumb
eat the stumbling in your closet
eat the ladder in your trunk
eat the shirt in your pocket
eat the dime in your falling sand


shake the toilet in your cave
dim the fungus in your cave
slip the faucet in your cave
chew the shoelace in your cave
blame the shunt in your cave
ape the window in your cave
bomb the ashes in your cave


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