Friday, June 5, 2009


,butter ,pool ,glut ,nap
,shot ,drunk ,came ,too
,soak ,shoe ,match ,ton
,gate ,fuel ,heave ,so
,matte ,knock ,blood ,seem
,chat ,senk ,thot ,meal
,toiled ,sunk ,same ,felt
,creamed ,dot ,lack ,foam
,ding ,sole ,fog ,gun


gushing hamster or my
closet salad glinting in
your flashlight bombs or
toys blood pizzles gouts
of mayonnaise plop yr
specs or specks ,of
wedded after thought as I
raise my whirling fork
.dust and laundry piled
upon my bed


blasted tomb mnutty tape o
worm you cuddled ,shape
it’s .toot toast oh folding
sandwich in ,totters ,me
,torts an twats the ,as
piration in my saw dust
throat a dump a lock a
tune like eggplant almost
rotting in the fridge .s
lap me off hot clot why
.at’s duh namer one it
was the bloated lid what’s
what it hides that’s it all

5 Cent

choking back the , dents in
to yr smouldered nape and
.saw a too ,saw a ,finger
huddled ,blood necked ah
.enteritis or my laughter
musturd oh lang ice de.tail
foundered loudly at your
foot soup but .the mighty
mite that .cried cried cried
the nickel flooded with
your sight


I pushed the slobber off I
drained the rabbit in my
sleeve I crust the salty
hole you’re boiling in I
what I slid was ammunition
in a plastic bag a scun
fork boiled a lentil gig
gling in my shoe oh ha
bit of the axe temptation
eats and garbage swirling
in the bathtub where your
sprawling butt’s betrayed


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