Tuesday, June 23, 2009


dream the bush fragmented steam
the fryer slumping in my clos
et that’s a hissing eel napper
.trust you to ,fester ,top the
flusher tank and get my clippers
watch the fragments in the mir
ror so live and floody ,the b
urning page is dripping .chaque
cha’ac glazes from )his?( folded
eyes and lobs the soaking doubt
into your book your pocket b
rims with rain


the song block tensile length of
stripping off my blinking skin I
thaw you there and here’s the
thumb ,thumping on an eye
.your sleet sleep your pole
severed in the mattress fulla
dust and ants oh just a
rise and scrumble toward
the floor the steps the
itching window where the
storm throat inflates

Dry Sight

feet in soup my toiler flushed my
lung balked face gristled in your
wallet where your ants ,my towel
,grunting in the night ,the bushes
creep beside the door the rain was
loud .my meat loop spoils ,hang an
crushed my whistled place an
pants dripping in the light your
deeper floor my stained c
cloud or headache floating
on a neck my view is dried

Setting Out

bull the ,ahm knot I ham unh
dress to fill the shirt leak
,bend tonnage ,tied it in the
suit )the soup an soap( clod be
fore the mirror what sample
drip was that you .the room the
empty smoke the slack knife
dries in laundry heaving list
and leaves and falls and
looks for light beneath the gravel


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