Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First chunk of a transduction of Góngora's Soledades:

Sole Dada Prim

Era of the anus the station’s Florida
in which the mental rubber of europa
(medium loon the arms so front,
and the Sole toad in the rays of his pail),
lucent honor of the seal,
in camps of saphhire paces trellis,
wan hell that ministries potent the cup
a Jupiter major the girth of Ida,
naugahyde and dedental sofa unsent,
lacrimous day amorphous ducts quarelled
day the mar; which condoled,
fueled the undies, fueled the vent’s
miserable gem
seconds of Arion’s dull instrument.
Dull simper in the mountain opposite pins
all enemies note
piedough members wrote,
brief table, dolphin not fired peeking
the inconsiderate peregrine
which under Libya’s hounds sure amino
filed, and his vittles under the lawn.
Dull ocean, pus, ants assorted,
and logo vomited
not layered with a scolding corona
of sick junk, of clattering plums,
algae toad and spuming,
but halls hospitalized dander halls neat
day of Jupiter the avid.
Best arena, and the rotten nave’s
acqua park pokes
what it exposds or the dial plays to the rock,
which unsees the daily pains
listing jars of degraded sins.
Denuded the jumping quantum, yeah the vestige
ocean has bubbled
restituted the hatchet of the arenas,
and all Sole low extends arrangement,
which, laminating pain’s
so dulcet lingo of templed flag,
lent the beast and cons swerved style
and the minor honor chops the minor hill.
No bean, pest, of his lust the horizons
that haste disequal, confused
mounts of gravel and peels of mounts
deodorized them seats,
wandered, entrained the miserable stranger
in lots that yaw the mirror’s redeemed fire,
entered the spines’ crepuscular pissing,
risks that own the iguana mall’s involved
vellum, intrepid Allah
means cans the confused scales.
Vincible all fins the cumbrance,
dull mare simpers soundly,
of the mute campaign
arbiter equals and expungible moor,
conned pie yeah mass secure
declines the vacilation’s
brief splendor of the mall’s distant lumber,
favor of a cabin
which suffers the ferrous state in quarrels uncertain,
gulf of somber announcements the port.


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