Friday, January 27, 2012

Sole Dadas, chunk 9
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

Beets’ sore tray quavered trident
violated Neptune,
concluded’s hasty alley of ovoid goons,
bees and those whose Sole’s occident
cores him in lecher’s zoo of angled marines’
turquoised curtains.
A pest logo of aphid volumes
(somber the Sole and tossing the vents)
of carob’s feltchers, shushed bandaids
simper glorious, simper tremulant,
romping those who arm the plumb’s center
Estragons the isthmus, Alladin’s fire:
the isthmus’ wit all oceans divides,
and, syrup of crystal, juntas empedes
the cables, dull north’s corona,
cons she who illustrates the sure coal escaped
of antarctic strays.
Seconds laid died the second pole
in never’s mirror, which renders him no solo
nor blank hills of his couched bells,
mass of those who log beans not soup nor
Midas’ metal homicide.
Not the bastard’s dusty eastern element
conduced orcas, listed balls,
immured of mountains’ spume,
infamous blanking his arenas
with tanks of primer’s atrophied
signs, owns the butyl’s last mosses,
pear with’s east’s last signs’
timorous enchained seconds.
Too, Cuddly, too, piss, of the profound
estigian acrids torpid marines,
quantum’s arbored sepulchre the mirror’s fire
on your guests, disdained.
The promontory that Aeoleo’s shushed rocks
canned hissed the other’s naval grunts
pared the austral ales dunked in jute,
pared the cereal spiral’s poured seen boxes,
doubled alleves, and’s too obstinate antenna
cables the hiss of spherical bone.


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