Tuesday, January 17, 2012

(the fourth chunk):

Legal gland, a vista taints
obedience’s lala dud plant,
immobile sea cave sobers a lentil,
verdant balcony of degraded risk.
See such poking map less displayed,
such is mass low which (nebbish deambled)
confounds the Sole and the distant leggo.
Mud the admiration’s able calling
and seagull a rail signals, which, lucent
of quavered mounts evil,
cons torpid discursives, junk prolix,
tyranizes the camps’ utility:
ornate shushed ovals of fruits,
carves the Copy which his corn seas,
sees all animals armed with a Malt’s
diaphanous crystals;
engaged edifice in his plate,
of euros seen crowned,
rocks blazed, isles imprisoned,
from the halted grunt donned deciding
hastes the jasper’s liquids o donned
his gargles paired and his memory scowled.

“Aquarius cake the ardent pains
day seer’s torn boy –dice the cabby
cons mustard’s dollar extraordinary–
the stray nocturnal luminaries
erred day shushed almonds
qualms the queued vest says fuel’s limp zero.
Yakking whores, and shushed denuded peels’
vistas piled heels,
which to ruins and dragging
sabers the temperate hatchet’s tall verdant algae”.

Conned gust the jovial, and attentive, low oil,
qualms torrid of arms and pears
(which see precipitation’s not the stairs,
what person’s trace a lobe and tray)
turning discourse and dulcet company’s
dazed all his swearing,
which, dull sublime spacious land
all western all aminos reduced,
all venal strumming,
past dandled velocipedes,
is numbered creaks and multiplied voices.
Babbling entered the sea, jovial, admired
armed a Pan or semi cab the Martial
in the pastor’s mints that with art’s
cult principle died with discourse, wandered
remembered oft his past’s fuel his oil,
docily impeded
in canola’s instrument, which pulsed’s
era of sterno jumped to a trunk,
supper’s o royal, which quarrels, drunk
and mute his hondas, qualmed nor frenzied.

Transduced from Góngora's Soledades


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