Sunday, January 15, 2012

(Third chunck transduced from Luis de Góngora's Soledades)

No, pus of quarrel’s seer, engendered
mass of fires cake of courtesy,
the gent appeared
who hospitals the forest
lawn pesto crawled of quavered candle’s primer
which, in the shelves content,
tends the fresnel of dye, the robbed element.
Limp sayer, in visor of blank lines,
clumped the cuadratic pins:
and in box, junk rebellious, to quim the turn
forms elegant dye in cult’s adorned,
lecher who explains vile those Albion quavers died,
melting perdition’s con yelling
the blank lilies of his frontal bell,
gross dam and fried,
impenetrable case of the cockroach,
the veiled Alcimedon’s invention rare.
Hell which of cables fueled dusty voices’ center
espoused’s case a luster (coy dent
not pardoned a raisin loomed in front
of Bacon, quantity’s maze in his garment:
triumph of simpering salad lids
low corona of Amor, mass rival turned,
brief of barbs enduring not the corn,
redeemed con his muttered dance vittles),
served yeah in season,
purple hills is, of grain fine.
Supper’s scorched despair, mass regaled
swoons the solicitous peel bland
which all princes enter Holland
purpled tire or milling brocade.
Not in humor’s vines gravelled
is Sisyphus on his crest, see the cucumber,
of ponderous vain dumb pisser
is, quantum mass despaired, mass burlap.
Of trumpet militant not nor distempered
sound of cocks fueled the swoon interrupted,
oft can see, embrained
counter the seeking whore
that the vent repeals in’s lagoon’s couscous.
Dormant and recoiled the fin, quanta the avenues,
esquires dulcet of sonorous plums,
scenes died swelling
the Alb of Sol, which the pavillion of spume
dayed and in sore car
rayed the verdant obelisk doves the choice.
Agreased, pus, the peregrin
dazed the cyborg and sailed accompanied
by grin’s low level dander’s levitation,
distance pokes past the gamble,
imperious mirror the campaign’s
a scolding, peaceable gallery
where festive theatre fueled gun’s day
of quantum piss dawning the mountain.


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