Monday, January 16, 2012

Mu Te

utter torrent’s lousy clock’s | tall rabbit ,stray whiff of socks
peel slivers off the cheek | luffed grins a funny slime
you scowl a frame a mask | guess tripled merely muddled
gut left behind ,a movement | shits one cloak of muttered
,wristless ,towers of hands | mute nor mud sprawled in sand
and scrawling blood no tooth | ,land of flowers ,itchless
butter ,stroke of gun ,twit | enjambment’s spine ,bereft but
puddle barely rippled yes | gassed a name a towel strewn
time to ,runny chin ,cuff | leak the coffing liver’s spiel
blocked with clay ,a maggot ball | ,mock clouds corner the gutter

Sof Tee

long leg flaking cloudy shoe | talks wide your bet your drowning
boil my wallet in the window light’s | schism hand ,stamped mile you think
meat tune folded on my buttock | bread’s spittled ,nor you told the fool
nap condensed a second’s sleep | flys free, board sinks, your name’s
bit the air I raised my foot | softee snore your lobbing’s spew
jewel bobbing in your coffee | shoots my lazy hair my dry shit’s
aim your blink toward me my | seep beckons o intensed a cat’s
stool holds your gristled head’s | lock gut ,dry mold ,doomed feet’s
dink pile ,damp and bristled | bite in slow mallet’s high coil
morning sweating on the sidewalk | ,blew around the lake’s eggy song

S Mokes

empty the dome his kidney left | bet folded my stair a blinking in
the bucket filled half with blood | loaned union wins its feathers
and half its hair my measured eye | leans on you a whip thick moon
a mumbled foam retained o issued light | slopped rinses off the natter
o credit card of skin his foggy step | jokes richly in the flattened sky
scratchy in the kitchen’s smokes | yet dogged his brim of lard of dented
a hammer on the dishes dropped | fights the tissue or renamed the bone fumbled
spoons slick with glue a lemon | fried the treasured air’s whipped and gasped
withers in its urine groaned | mud writ laughed ,spilled the muck
a sinking chair bolted to the deck | wept thinly’s list homed and ending


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