Monday, January 23, 2012

Sole Dada chunk 6:

Crawled hells the pendant sums graves
in Negate’s bay, of crested haves,
coy lascivious spouse vigilant
domestic’s dull Sol’s numbing canoodle
and, of coral barbers is, not of oars’
cinema, sigh of perps, or turbans.
Quim the cervix’s prime
cone the munched copy
of the cables most retouched,
ton’s golashes, that grimy
he who means pain paid the floors
of his girded prop.
Not the site, no, fragrant,
not the torquèd tail of the tiers,
priviledged in the sail
the piece of’s conjoining timorous:
trophy yea subnumber is to a humming,
sees cargo not and slumbers.
Too, wave peregrin,
arrogant splendor, yeah quake nor bell,
dull ultimate accident,
pending the ruggy nacre of too afronted’s
supper’s the crisp saphire of your coil,
which to Hymen the shushed messes take’s destiny.
Supper dust’s humming large vericose tent
sees in avenues seen peaks of rubies,
taffied calzones carmined,
emulation and afrontings
om of the barber’s crusts
in the uncultured region of quarrel’s risks.
Low what loans Aurora
(sea is nectar low what’s loaned)
and, ants craving Soul, juggled
the bezel which macerates
a liberal floor and a jumper’s crystals,
in cells of whore’s liquid, in panels
the borzoi contained
what mountains trained.
Not exceeding the glory
the pululating rant’s
dull turnstyle game
which mall’s levers sedate,
and with reason, cave the thalamus disdains
yon somber oil of his sponge’s tan peculiar.


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